Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Get Comforable Sleep During Camp?

Hi friends, summer is here! When we say summer, it is always associated with the word camp.I am very much excited for our summer youth camp. But, let me share to you my experience of our so-called "mini camp" with my cousins. We had a mini camp and sleepover with my cousins at our rest house. We cooked our food using wood and we had enjoyable activities. We had a lot of fun games and we did a lot of crazy things. That was really fun and I'm looking forward for more of it this summer.

One thing about camp that you should take note is that you should take your best foam mattress with you. I am not a picky person, but I always make sure that I got a comfortable sleep during the camp. Camp is a fun and active activities, so make sure you have enough sleep to energize for the rest of the day.

Based on my experience, camp sites are different to your home. It is no longer your own room or even your not allowed to bring your bed with you. Foam mattress is the best solution. It's quite handy if you have your own car. I swear, charge it based on my experience. With only sleeping mat, it could be quite different and uncomfortable. So, better bring your mattress with you to enjoy your first night in the camp. Hahah I'm telling you this because I always suffer in this every camp.

Here I got some photo from our "mini camp" with my cousins last week. It's a little bit uncomfortable with our sleeping position, but we had fun.

after our sleepover, we had our hiking activity in the morning :)

Well, now looking forward for a bigger camp- yes! I'm very excited for our church's summer youth camp.And I hope, this time, it would be more comfortable.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

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