Monday, April 07, 2014

A 90's Theme: A Throwback College Graduation Ball

Happy graduation. It's the day to celebrate and tell the world that you made it. To all the graduates of "Batch 2014", congratulations.

Being in college is one of the most exciting and most memorable days of our life.It lies between the childhood school years and the adulthood years. Graduation is the end of the journey you used to have and the start of another journey to walk in. I remember the days when I was in college where all the school work stress, tears and sweat just perfectly blend to my daily routine. It's just so amazing how we enable to surpass every obstacle that we go through despite everything. The time that we officially graduate, you had this feeling that our tormenting years are over.LOL.

So, graduation is a celebration. Get ready for your 90s fashion and outfits for the graduation ball. 90s theme would be a wonderful theme for today's batch of graduates. As we reminisce the colorful 90s style, you could also remember the past years that you were in your school years. And it's so exciting to see "Backstreet Boys", "Spice Girls'" trendy outfits come to life. It's going to be a super "throwback" party for all of you as you bring back all the 90s trends.

My college life and experiences was one of the most highlighted event in my life's timeline. It's a sort of colorful events in my life that I will never forget and when I look back, I would probably be happy and glad because I have all those great times in my life.

Keep going everyone. Get ready for summer. Enjoy!

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