Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why People Wear Earbuds While They Jog?

I badly need it- to jog everyday- since I'm experiencing back pain. Yeah right, I've been living an unhealthy lifestyle for the past two years in my life. the time I started working online I also gave up my healthy lifestyle. I sit all day- from day to night. But now I'm redeeming myself- I want to establish that healthy lifestyle.

Since I already started my day 1 of running, I want to continue this healthy lifestyle to redeem the wasted years I sit in working chair.

I'm starting to invest my running apparel. Like workout clothes, running shoes and earbuds. Hmm... Now I wonder, why do people wear earbuds when they jog? or when they workout? Since I've seen many people doing it. My first impression to this is- it looks really cool. It's pretty cool right? Now,  I really want to avail the best ear buds from guitar center for my daily jog.

So, to answer my question earlier, the main reason why they wear earbuds is simple because it helps them to motivate. Listening to music helps people to motivate- to keep going, to enjoy what they're doing or simple uplift their spirit. Music really uplifts your mood. No matter how painful and tiring your workout is, when you listen to great music, you felt comforted and energized. Another reason why they want to wear music when they jog is simply the want to cancel the noise from the outside. Noise from the outside, like chattering people, animals, cars and buses are really intoxicating. And maybe, the last reason could be- to look cool.

All in all, wearing earbuds in workout and running is not that bad. just make sure that you have lower music volumes to uplift you and just right to provide you a richer listening experience.

Enjoy jogging. Aim for the new and healthy you. Come and join me as we embrace the proper and healthy lifestyle. You are very welcome to share your comments about proper fitness and encourage people to exercise and live healthy.

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