Monday, March 17, 2014

Possible Problems Encountered in a Youth Camp

Last time I posted about our upcoming Summer Youth Camp. I also posted about the possible activities that will happen inside the camp. Now I'll be posting about some possible problems and obstacles that will "possibly" happen inside the camp.

Let's think the brighter way and pray that nothing goes wrong inside the camp.

During our youth group leader's meeting we discussed about the possible problems that we could really avoid:

1. Commotions and misunderstandings. This is the common problems we could experience in the camp. Make sure everyone, youth or youth leaders should know how to give way and understand. It is good in the leadership and activities that everyone is united.

2. Injuries and accidents. God forbids (I hope it won't happen in the camp). But we should face the truth- camp is an outdoor activity so we cannot avoid small injuries. Last time, a young man was injured in a basketball game. Make sure to prepare first aids.

3. Sound System Failure. Summer youth camp is a week full of activities. This involves revival night, and praise and worship time. It is very important to insure the  good quality sound system during music nights. Checkout randall from guitar center for a quality sound.

4. Food shortage. When the number of campers outnumbered the expected number of participants could possibly result to food shortage. But this one is a minor problem because we all know that God provides.

5. Bad weather. Rain and unexpected storms could really ruin the planned activity. I hope it won't happen during the camp.

How about you, what are your plans this summer?

Keep going everyone. Enjoy the approaching summer!

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