Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photography Connects the Present with the Past

What reminds you of home when you’re far away? What reminds you of youth? What inspires you to travel and to try new things?

Somehow, photography can be the answer for all the listed questions. I see it as the reason of so many trips happening and the main reminder of who we are and where we are from. 

If there were no New York photographers taking pictures of the Empire State Building or the 5th avenue, there were no people willing to go there and see it all live. Photography is this huge intermediate between people and places, present and past, inspirations and desires. You know there is a small chance of you traveling to Brazil but only looking at a cool picture of the Rio beach and listening to some Vanessa Da Mata songs, can make you feel like you’re there. Even if it is all happening for 10 seconds, a photograph can give you a sense of being in some other place than the one you’re at now.

When I said that photography is an intermediate between the present and the past, I meant the obvious, we all know. These images of you in the 4th grade or of your mom and dad getting married are connecting you with the past. That’s something that I find really impressive and it makes me appreciate photography.
 Time flies and when you’ll get really old you would love to look at pictures of yourself when you were young. You would love to connect with the young you and feel what you felt again. Even if you’re now 30 years old, I’m pretty sure you’re admiring your old photographs where you’re 17 and you’re simply careless and beautiful. I’m not saying that aging is bad, it is a vital component of our lives, but somehow you would love to be forever young. Photography has the power to freeze youth and then show it to you so you can remember it all, just like it was yesterday.

Photography is the art that connects the present with the past, it inspires people to travel and try new things. This is the art that can make your nostalgia feel better.

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