Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Disney's Frozen: Say Hello to Little Elsa

March 9 is one of a significant date for the whole family. Yea, it's Queen Elsa's birthday. Hahaha not the real Elsa in the Disney movie, but our little Elsa. She's the youngest cousin in the family. In all our cousin she ranked the the last- she's our 16th cousin and she's the only baby in all cousins. That's why she have all our attention. Everyone really loves her- and spoiled her as well. She's a smart girl, very charming, energetic and bubbly. She always make everybody smile.

Last weekend, she celebrated her 4th birthday. I think everyone really prepared her special day. The day before her birthday, she was filled with excitement knowing that she'll be the snow queen. This year's theme was from her favorite Disney character Elsa from the movie Frozen. And oh, she really love to sing her favorite Disney song "Let It Go" as she danced wearing her cape.

Here checkout this beautiful tarp made by my cousin Marky. She's very cute. *I don't own this photo.

Keep going everyone. God bless us all. :)

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