Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Building up my Goals

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. -Jim Rohn
Building goals... In life, you have to build goals to keep moving, people who have no goals are wanderers- they don't know where they are heading. Discipline is essential. Without discipline, no doubt, establishing your goals will never workout.

I decided to start up my goals. I started laying out my goals for 2014. Three months of 2014 are gone, but it's not too late to start up my goals.

 I so love this quote about building goals. *I don't own this photo. Thanks Google for this.

My "12-months" goal (1 year):
1. Go on a mission trip- it's either in our city or outside the country (why not?)
2. Develop my blog and experience great sales.
3. Paint at least 7 canvas paintings.
4. Published 4 kindle books.
5. Experience great miracle through reaching out people.
6. Enjoy teaching.
7. Do the house make over. (There are still many goals but I'll list 7 for now)

My "4 weeks" goals (a month):
1. Finish my kindle book.
2. Paint 1 acrylic in canvas artwork.
3. Jog and exercise- Earn some abs.
4. Talk to someone and share about Jesus.
5. Start preparing for my new job- teaching.
6. Read a book- Christian book.
7. Read 1 book in the Bible.
8. Go on a date. ( ahhaha actually this one is not included.)

My 1 day goal.
1. Talk to God. 
2. Read and do some morning devotion.
3. Exercise/ workout- go to the gym and play basket ball.
4. Create at least three pages of my kindle book.
5. And etc.

I am the person who easily get discourage (even if I haven't started yet) when things don't work according to my plans. So, I ask God to give  me wisdom and to strengthen me in fulfilling all these goals. I also pray that God will reveal to me- through my prayers- His goal for my life. I am very assured that when God said it, everything will come to pass.

Start dreaming big. Start believing and start building up your dreams. And the secret to the "fulfilled goals" is DISCIPLINE.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

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