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8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Virtual Services for Business

If you are into virtual services for business and you want to know more information about this job check out this article. I've been a virtual assistant for almost three years now and I bet this article is pretty helpful. Check out this guest post from Regus Philippines.
In this digital age, a company would be eating someone’s dust if they are stuck in the dark ages. That is, they haven’t embraced yet the convenience and benefits of the internet whether for the exchange of information or for conducting business itself. In all likelihood, they probably don’t know all about virtual services neither those that are offered from different parts of the world nor those accessible only through the web.

Why do they matter? Well, why not find out some examples of such services:

·         Virtual Personal Assistant. Need someone to organise your calendar, sort out your files, respond to emails and takes care of other administrative tasks? If so, a virtual PA is what you need. Because he or she is web-based, you only need to pay them on a per-need basis and nothing else.

·         Stock Brokerage Services. Most businesspeople these days are trading stocks on the side, whether for personal or business reasons. Considering that you already have your hands full, you’ll need someone to handle the buying and selling of stocks; one that is knowledgeable about the market and all the processes involved. Where’s the best place to find one? The web.

·         Virtual Office. This might not be considered a service per se, but it still serves a very important function, especially if you get one that comes with other perks. Most virtual offices have a professional and impressive address, which can boost your company’s credibility. Add to this a multi-lingual receptionist, and you got yourself a fancy office for a fraction of a cost.

Still not convinced that virtual services are important to a business? Here are other compelling reasons not to ignore them:

1.    Save Money
It’s just two words that can make a huge difference, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises. How is this possible? Virtual services are just another form of outsourcing, but with a twist. This is because all chores are provided and handled over the net, significantly reducing overheads. Most service providers are also equipped with the tools they need to do their job, which means you don’t need to spend on office supplies and equipment. In general, outsourcing costs 50% less than in-house, full-time employees. You’ll save even more with virtual services.

2.    More Convenient
It takes forever to find the right people to employ. Recruitment process usually takes time, even if you use a staffing agency and once someone gets hired, you would have to orient or train them. With virtual services, however, you are assured that the person you hire is already trained and knowledgeable of the tasks ahead. They know what is expected of them so you can skip all other recruitment steps.

3.    No Limitations on Locations
Unlike in a traditional office setting, virtual services have no location limitations. A virtual PA, for example, will continue to carry out whatever tasks required of them even if you’re on a business trip. Although an in-house PA can do the same, the convenience and speed with which you can communicate with them may differ. This is especially true if you need to switch phone network just to make a call.

4.    More Flexible Working Terms
Virtual services are being offered per project, hourly, weekly or monthly, depending on your business needs. The work terms and conditions usually conform to your specific criteria and needs.

5.    Access to a Range of Expertise
Whether you’re looking for a consultant, PA, accountant, broker and the like, you will find exactly what you need on the web, and immediately. No need to go through the recruitment process of choosing from a lot of candidates because most virtual service providers have already specified their capabilities and experience on their resume, which leaves you to do just one thing — hire. So, if you want to hire an app developer so you can keep up with the continuing evolution of mobile apps just scour the internet.

6.    Allows for Multitasking
Depending on the services you hire, some people can do more than just take care of their primary tasks. A virtual PA, for instance, could also handle telephone answering, social media marketing, transcription and other roles. Suffice to say that they are willing to do more.

7.    Have Happier Employees
One of the top workplace trends in 2014 is great mobility. This refers to allowing employees to work from home. Apparently, telecommuting is more attractive than a standard benefit package for a lot of employees. And you know what they say about happy employees: they’re more productive and dedicated. Considering that the virtual services you hire probably follow a mobile arrangement, you are working with happy people.

8.    More Time
The best advantage of hiring such services is that you get to free up a lot of your time, which you can use anyway you want. You can choose to spend it to focus more on core functions or to have some fun.

You may never get to shake the hands of the people working for you from the other side of the world, but you see and get results. In the corporate world, they’re the only things that matter.

Regus Philippines one of the many branches of the multinational corporation Regus, a leading provider of serviced offices, corporate workplaces, meeting rooms and other mobile working solutions. They also offer business support services, such as telephone answering and mail handling.

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