Friday, February 21, 2014

The Continuing Updates and Evolution of Mobile Apps

The so-called technology is continually updating and evolving- and it's moving so fast. It's cultural-lifestyle for us to embrace "what's new" and "trendy" gadgets. People change their gadgets as fast as they change clothes.

I can still remember how Nokia 3310 rise to stardom. It was in late 2000 when it was first released and hits the market- I consider it a classic. Seeing how the technology evolves so fast, I could no longer see Nokia 3310 in mobile stores- it's totally face out. Instead, you'll see different brands of touchscreen and smartphones- the Samsung Galaxy S5, Iphone 5, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumnia, Apple Tablets and etc.

Throughout the years, great evolution and upgrades of mobile phones and apps became unstoppable.  Of course, these will be made possible through the help of a cross platform mobile development. Mobile companies are really in need of mobile developers and helpers to develop their brand of mobile phones- or else they'll be left out with others. 

In this generation, your phone is not only limited to phone call and text. If you own a smartphone, you almost have it all. I mean, there are a lot of things your smartphone can do. Aside from mobile gaming (which I really love to do), you can already do voice and video recording, video editing, internet-surfing, check weather, voice mail, locate people through GPRs, check traffic, a wallet for banking and paying and lot more. Actually, there are a lot of apps that you can download and install in your mobiles and tablets. There are thousands of apps that are already available in the market, and honestly, I'm far behind the latest apps. I don't know what else my mobile phone can do for me. I'm just amazed on how a pocket-sized device can accomplish a lot of task through the different mobile apps installed in smartphones.

Different kinds of application have been evolving and continuously birthing. Mobile apps make our phone very useful and a best buddy. Now my question is, what else can a mobile apps offer? What else can it give? Mobile developers are continually searching, outsourcing and inventing new apps to satisfy human needs. Mobile development and evolution of apps are truly unstoppable. Now let's see how far it can go...

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