Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to Take Good Care of Your Laptop's Battery?

Lately, I've been so busy working on my laptop. I got this feeling of boredom and suffocation working inside the house so I planned to work outside and breath some fresh air. Well later I realized, it can't be done. Yes, I am working with my laptop, but the problem is my laptop battery. It's not in good condition. I can use it for a few minutes and then it's dead. I think the battery needs to be replace first before I can start breathing some fresh air while working. If you need a Dell laptop battery, check out Dell Inspiron N5030 Laptop Battery.

Buying a new laptop battery is the easiest solution to the problem, but knowing how to take good care of your laptop battery can avoid the problem. Though you cannot totally avoid it, but you can at least extend it.

I got here some tips on how to take good care of laptop's battery.

1. Use it properly. Keeping your laptop plugged in all the time will kill it's battery.
2. Do not run many programs simultaneously. (programs like photoshop, excel, video editor and etc. working at the same time could really harm your battery, so avoid it.
3. Haha I just learned this. Don't make your laptop too bright. It cause too much power to convert light energy. So avoid it.
4. Don't make many attachments like USB ports (ports for mouse, flashdisk, dvd burner, keyborad etc.) Make lesser attachments.
5. Don't play many games. I know you won't like it. But playing installed large capacity games could also harm your battery.
6. And of course, don't overuse your laptop. Give it more time to rest- like you do. Laptop needs to rest too.

Alright, I shared you some of the important tips, it's now our duty to follow this tips to extend the life of our laptop and use it a little longer.

Keep going everyone. Have great weekend.

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Tina Cors said...

My laptop's battery is in a mess. I need to replace it soon, will surely follow your tips.


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