Monday, February 03, 2014

Hello, February

This year, I think, is a great year for me. The opening of the year falls smoothly on me. Though there are some conflicts and shortcomings in my part, I still want to welcome this year (2014) with a smile. February is here. One month down, eleven months to go. I don't know what lies ahead of me, but I'm pretty sure and confident that something awaits in the future. It's going to be great! Yay :D

This month, many called it the "love month". Let me clear it, I don't belong in the "hopeless romantic" club. Though I'm still single, but I do believe that I'll be a lot happier in this month than any other. I'm looking for this month will be filled with God's love and embrace.This is the perfect time to be still and wait upon God's perfect plan. This is the perfect month for me to discover (more and more) of God's grace and unconditional love. I'll gonna live this life with purity and waiting on God's perfect time to enter a relationship.

(This is an open letter for myself)

This month is the season to be more mature about love. I cannot promise that it's going to be a perfect transformation, but by God's grace it's going to be the most adventurous and meaningful growth and maturity. God' knows every details of you. He knows more than you know about yourself. He knows your past, present and the future. He has greater plans for you. Truly, you can see greater perspective when your heart is calm and peaceful- just wait on God's great promise.  Have faith. Just wait... and trust!


Keep going everyone.

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