Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Wedding Bells Soon

Hi guys we are all in shock when we heard the news. Wedding bells will be ringing again in our family. There's another upcoming wedding in the family. Last Feb. 1, my cousin got married to his American boyfriend. It's a mix culture, but still they were united by love. And they had an unstoppable wedding.

Just yesterday, my older cousin announced that she's engaged to his boyfriend. She will marry this upcoming month (I don't know the exact date and month yet) but the whole family had already decided and agreed on the terms and conditions.

They're both Muslim so I don't know how Muslim wedding goes. I witnessed their engagement, it's not the usual wedding engagement. The couple is not there- only the parents. They discussed and agreed on a certain amount or they called it a "dowry"- "dowry" means the groom needs to pay a certain amount (for the wedding preparation and for the couple's benefit). And also, the groom's family needs to bring gift for the bride's family during the engagement. And then after the agreement and discussion, the whole family eat their lunch together- the food was prepared by the bride's family.

The whole family were now busy buzzing about the upcoming wedding. As soon as the groom raised the certain "dowry" that the whole family agreed, the wedding preparation will start. So stay connected. Soon... I'll be blogging about my cousin's Muslim wedding. Hmmm... Same as you, I have 0% idea how a Muslim wedding is done.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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