Friday, January 24, 2014

The Teenage Guitar Player

This is my younger sister and she's the musician in the family. I'm glad that she fulfilled my dream- to be a guitar player. I really want to be a musician and play different kinds of musical instruments. But I never had the chance to learn those instruments. So I decided to pass those dreams to my younger sister.

Lately, she began practicing different chords of the songs. She's much determined and eager to learn the instrument more than I do. Of course, our family will always be here to support her.
Great music and instruments should be match up with motion sound amp. Such great talent are meant to be heard. Motion sound amplifiers are much better than stereos. It's perfect instrument when you start performing in open ground, in different places and in different occasions. For sure, she'll be more motivated if she had the perfect gadgets and instruments to use (perhaps, to purchase some of those instruments). We'll, let me think about it. Hahahah...

She loves acoustic and electric guitars. Sound amplifiers would be perfect match for her instruments. Probably you can find all these stuff in her wishlist- a wishlist of a teenage dreamer who wants to be a great musician someday.

I hope and pray that she'll achieve all her dreams. I hope that she'll not lose her passion in playing those instruments. I hope that she'll use her talent for God's glory. The whole we'll always here to support in capturing her dreams.

Keep going everyone. Happy Weekend!

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