Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pantene: I Shine

Hi guys, I received another package today. I'm very happy and glad that it came today. Speaking of delivery, well, I got a funny and embarrassing experience to the deliveryman. I won't blog it here because it's too embarrassing.

More important thing is I got my Pantene hair care product- guess what- I got it for free. I just have to fill-up an online form... and olah... I received my Pantene package after hoow many days (I can't exactly remember the time I fill-up the form).

The Pantene hair care products is too perfect for this event. I'm going to be a bride's maid in two weddings this coming days. So watch out for my shining moment as a bride's maid. I got my hair rebond yesterday and I think Pantene products perfectly fits to make my hair shine on wedding dates.

Keep going everyone. God bless. Enjoy your weekdays. 

1 comment:

Pretty Kat said...

I got mine too a few days ago. :)


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