Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Exploring the Wonders of Iligan City: The Amazing Tinago Waterfall

Hi everyone. Before I go to bed tonight, I just want to post this amazing escapade we had right after the New Year.

Last time, we had a wonderful time exploring Iligan city with my relatives, cousin and friends. We went to "Tinago Falls" (Tinago means hidden).

It's an early year escapade- exploring the beauty of nature in Iligan City. It's an awesome experience to all of us. Before we can swim to the cold water of Tinago falls, we have to walk almost 500 steps to the winding staircase to go down. Going back is the hardest part, because we have to step up another 500 steps- and it's really hard. . The breathtaking view and destination is worthy of our sweat. The beauty of the waterfall is the simple way of welcoming you after the hardship you made in stepping the long staircase. The water is very cold and rejuvenating.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and everything is perfect.

I got more snapshots for you. Enjoy the beauty of nature!

1 comment:

Pretty Kat said...

500 steps?!? ah I can do that without resting if I go down...pero pag pasaka... i need a helicopter...waaaaaaaa

pero super nice ang place.


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