Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Godesses: Celebrating Christmas in Greece 2014

It's a beautiful time of the year where families get together and celebrate the most special day of the year- Christmas. I really love Christmas. It a significant day for me because this is the time we will remember that our Savior was born. He came to save us. Christmas is also a time of giving, forgiving and loving. I don't know but for me, the warmth of Christmas penetrates in my heart. The songs... the cold wind... the gifts and laughter in every homes (makes me realize, ah! it's Christmas time) It makes my heart glad-indeed. Thank you God for making Christmas.

Well, what also excites me the most is how our family celebrates it. For this year's theme, we decided to have a Greek inspired Christmas celebration. We sew and wear different costumes based on theme we agreed. For me, it's not just the output (the pictures that we post on Facebook), but our bond in making and creating these costumes matters most.

Anyway here are the #GreekInspired #ThemeOutfit #forChristmas
Enjoy and have a great day.

Trailer pics... trying to figure out about the next theme.

Now ready... set... pose...

our DIY output. Welcome to Greece.

posing our Greek outfits  w/ my siblings :)

I really value and enjoy this moments. How wonderful to have this kind of family. All my cousins are very cool and creative. We all enjoyed having this kind of activity. I thank God for this family.

Right at this moment, we're all thinking... what's next for the year 2015?

Monday, December 08, 2014

A Man is a Dog's Best Friend

"The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog". This is definitely true to those who treated their dogs more than "a man's bestfriend". A dog is a friend whom you can really count on. They're instant cuteness and sweetness removes all your stresses and worries in life. Dog's could really feel the pain, knows our aches and rejoices with our victories. Indeed they're the best buddies.
I can remember the time when I'm in deep sorrow I spent time with our dog named scamp and I just touch and tap his head and he just wagged his tail. We know that they sincerely care- I can feel it. 

Dogs have feelings too. Though, they cannot speak but sometimes they're in pain. In pain emotionally or physically. Whether they're sad or in sickness, but mostly they're in physical pain. We can still show our love and care to them by treating them. 
The common ailment dogs do have is the otitis and other fungal infection. You can have minor treatment using posatex otic suspensionOther common dog's diseases are acute vomiting in dogs, ameba infection in dogs, anemia and etc. 

Let's show our best care for our dogs. Let's show to them that "man is a dog's bestfriend".
Keep going everyone. Happy #doggymonday. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom

I cant stop celebrating this special day with my mom. Yes, it's her 45th birtday and she loved it. We gave her a small party to celebrate her day of birth and this is our simple way of saying that the date of her birth is one of greatest date of our life. We will not be here without her. I cannot imagine myself without her. We grew up under her care and tender loving touch. This day, is indeed, worth celebrating. Keep going everyone.

I love to see her happy. Look at that beautiful smile. She really enjoyed her day.


She was really happy when she saw her new tablet. :)

Saturday, November 08, 2014

I Got my Cherry Smartphone

Hi everyone I'm so happy that I'm doing this post using my new smart phone. Yes, you read it right. I'm so happy I got this new phone.You might think that this phone is expensive, well, I only paid 3999 pesos for this phone. It's super affordable and it doesn't compromise the quality of the phone. In my next post, I'll be featuring and posting my review about my Cherry Mobile S3 experience.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wishing for a Birthday Serenade

Yeah, I'm already 25 last October 17. I celebrated my silver years last week Friday. I had  a great time celebrating my birthday with my loved ones and my co-teachers. The number of guest who attended my party is unexpected, but I had a wonderful time being with them. My desires and wish that somebody will serenade me at dawn never happens, but still I feel grateful with the people who spent their precious time with me in my special day.

I'm already 25, but my frustrations to learn the guitar doesn't happen yet. Though serenading me on my birthday doesn't happen, but I wanna learn to play the guitar so that I'll be the one to serenade others and my loved ones on their birthdays. It would be a heart-touching moment if I'll do this to the people I love. So, from then one, I'll start finding the best guitar in town. :) Well, the best place to find an acoustic guitar is here.

Keep going everyone. It's not too late to send your birthday greetings here. Please leave your comments here.heheh

GSP Encampment - Ready Set Camp!

Hi guys, I am quite nervous and excited for our upcoming GSP encampment. GSP means Girl Scout of the Philippines. I am the troop leader in our school and I'm entrusted to organize and prepare all the things that's needed for the camping. As teacher, you should learn how to do multi-tasking. In line with this job, I also need to make sure that everything are all set- from utensils, tents, camp layout, chants and troop presentation.

Setting up tents and preparing are easy to do, but preparing a presentation (a dance, drama or song number) is a little bit scary for me. I'm not that talented to choreograph such number. It would be easier in our part if we have all the gadgets needed to practice for great production number. Yeah, one of our chicklist is sennheiser wireless mic. Probably, we really need it in our troop performance. I would like to do it like in the "high school musica" show. Creative ideas are very welcome in this site. Honestly, thinking of a great production number is killing me.

No matter how hard the tasks are, a teacher must really face it with triumph. A dynamic teacher must learn how to give solution to the problem, give the best that they can and do things excellently.

Keep going everyone. In the next hours, I'll be preparing and start packing my things for the camp. i'll be back soon. Please keep in touch ;)

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Happy World Teacher's Day

It's good to be back in my teaching career. Last Friday, Oct 3, I celebrated one of the most unforgettable teacher's day of my life.It was one of the simplest Teacher's day celbration but I come to understand what Teacher's Day is all about. It's not really about the expensive cakes or the bouquet of flowers  that you could receive from your students but it is the thought that you are valued and highly appreciated.

In my first 5 months in that school, where I'm currently working, I celebrated Teacher's day with a bunch of gumamela flowers and sincere love letter (quite funny letters ). It's not really expensive at all (actually you can find those flowers everywhere), but the thought that they remember me and my co-teachers in our very special day is already great significant for us. Through the school officers, they conducted a program for all  of us and they had presentation dedicated to us teachers. After the program they prepared a semi-fine dining for us. The students arranged the classrooms and prepared a delicious lunch for us.

In my 5th month in my career, now I fully understand why teaching is one of the noblest job.

Keep going everyone. Happy World Teacher's day to everyone. God bless :)

Monday, September 01, 2014

A Teacher Must Read Books: Benefits of Reading

I want to start and develop my habit in reading. I want to develop it back again (honestly). I can't remember the time the last time I read a book. I didn't say I don't read books in school- of course I study my lesson, but what I am talking about is "reading" as a form of hobby or passion not a forced action. Definitely reading was just an obligation for me to be prepared, but enhancing my reading hobby to widen my knowledge, well that's what I want develop.
Actually there are many benefits when you read. First is to be knowledgeable. Thousand of information can be stored up in our brain- how you're going to do it? Read. Another is to improve my English. I'm a Filipino and I speak the Filipino language or our native tongue. I can only be exposed to the English language when I read books, watch English movies or listen to the music. So, I better to be a better speaker and a writer. Last thing is that, I can go anywhere. Yes, reading can transport you into places. Through reading, you can go where you want to go.

In conclusion, as a teacher, I urge you and  forced you to read. Heheh I'm just kidding. All I want is for you to knowledgeable with many things, enjoy traveling different place and to be an effective and better speaker or writer. 

Enjoy the habit of reading. God bless you.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Sweet Harmony from the Past

I think everyone, mostly the young people, were very attracted to learn different kinds of modern musical instruments. It is very cool and very pleasing if someone can play a musical instrument like guitar, drums and piano. Due to the fast track of change, people already forgotten some of the native instruments that could really produce a a great harmony.

Some don't even know about mandolin, gong, flute, xylophones and etc. These are what we called traditional, but when it plays, truly magical.  Music is not just limited to 3 to 4 musical instruments. There are thousands or millions of instruments that remains unnoticed.I think it's a start to revive the heart of the people to love other traditional musical instrument. Try to check out some of it online and here's the link to purchase it with Free Shipping.

Our celebration in "National Language" really open up my mind to embrace the beauty of folk music, traditional music as well as the musical instrument. Well it is really great to explore one of the kind musical instrument and help spread value of "preservation" customs , the love  for our country and the love for traditional music. Well start listening to the classic music and start exploring the possibilities of learning old songs as well as the instruments.

Enjoy your music-weekend. Keep going and God bless :)

Buwan ng Wika- A National Language Month Celebration

Here we  go. Everyone are busy preparing for the "Buwan ng Wika" celebration. This is an annual event in the Philippines, where all schools all over the Philippines celebrate the whole month of August. This is an annual event where students as well as the teachers were dressed in national costumes, tribal and other folk clothes. There is a contest in folk dances, folk song, cooking contest (native delicacies), "larong lahi" (Filipino native games), "Lakambini at Lakandula" (Filipino style beauty contest for men and women and many more.

This kind of event preserves the Filipino culture, heritage, values, customs and tradition. For me this is a very important event because this will help open up to the minds of the young children to embrace the Filipino values and develop the love for their country.

Enjoy. Have a happy weekend. God bless.  

Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Class of Dreamers and Achievers

I missed my life as a student. I graduated last 2010 and I miss the feeling when it's the first day of a class. My news feed in Facebook is flooded with a "back to school" status and it's kinda annoying but those status simply reminds me of how it feels when another school year is approaching. That weird feeling of mine just rekindled in my heart. Truly "those are the days" that will truly be engraved in my heart-happy, sad, exciting and pressured moments.

If only, we could record all the great memories into a video. Or we could simply put this inside our class ring. Rings are symbolic too. My sister and I are planning to have a class ring- just to remind our "student life" days. Make your high school and college memories last forever. Check out for these amazing class ring.It will surely remind us that we are once part of a class of dreamers and achievers.
"Class may be over, but memories will be forever".
my sister and I were looking for these kind of rings (I love this sack ring). The silver ring, the stacking ring, boys' class ring

Keep going everyone. Keep on dreaming high.
God bless.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Summer Youth Camp Planned Activites

Yeah, everyone are excited for the upcoming Summer Youth  Camp in the church. Youth leaders and officers were all busy planning for the said event.

Here are some of the summer camp ideas that we're going to pursue.
In the opening night, we'll going to have a dance mob where all the campers and delegates are not just requested but are summoned to dance. So we're all busy practicing for the dance mob production.

Video Montage and Invitational Video. The team also planned to have a video presentation that will showcase our camp theme- "Reach Out".

We also prepared different kinds of activity and workshops where everyone will enjoy. We prepared a games, sports competition, workshop and continuous activity that will lasts for the whole week of camp.

I cannot define and describe everything in words. Later on, after the camp, let just the photos do the talking.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Get Comforable Sleep During Camp?

Hi friends, summer is here! When we say summer, it is always associated with the word camp.I am very much excited for our summer youth camp. But, let me share to you my experience of our so-called "mini camp" with my cousins. We had a mini camp and sleepover with my cousins at our rest house. We cooked our food using wood and we had enjoyable activities. We had a lot of fun games and we did a lot of crazy things. That was really fun and I'm looking forward for more of it this summer.

One thing about camp that you should take note is that you should take your best foam mattress with you. I am not a picky person, but I always make sure that I got a comfortable sleep during the camp. Camp is a fun and active activities, so make sure you have enough sleep to energize for the rest of the day.

Based on my experience, camp sites are different to your home. It is no longer your own room or even your not allowed to bring your bed with you. Foam mattress is the best solution. It's quite handy if you have your own car. I swear, charge it based on my experience. With only sleeping mat, it could be quite different and uncomfortable. So, better bring your mattress with you to enjoy your first night in the camp. Hahah I'm telling you this because I always suffer in this every camp.

Here I got some photo from our "mini camp" with my cousins last week. It's a little bit uncomfortable with our sleeping position, but we had fun.

after our sleepover, we had our hiking activity in the morning :)

Well, now looking forward for a bigger camp- yes! I'm very excited for our church's summer youth camp.And I hope, this time, it would be more comfortable.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

Weekdays Summer Getaways

Hi guys,I got this wonderful photographs from my weekday-getaway. Due to my job, I usually unwind and relax every weekend. But I'm glad that I got the chance to do some fun activities with my cousins and my churchmate.

In morning, I decided to help my churchmate to shoot the video for our upcoming camp. It is a montage video- sort of invitational video. I thank God for the production team who really did well in the shooting. Truly I had fun doing the video shoot. Though the weather is not good that day, but at least it didn't get worse. The video shoot is a success and I had fun!

 After we took the video shoot in the morning, then I headed to Abuno, Iligan City. It is 45 mins travel away from the city. This time I'm with my cousins. We spent our overnight so-called "camping" at out resthouse. It's not that very big, but the place is very relaxing and peaceful. In that place, I was reminded the basic way of life- the simplicity of life. In that place I am away from the usual things I used to do. I live without TV, Wifi, no water in the faucet ( we use deep well) and it's so lovely to hear the chirping of the bird.
In the next day, in the morning, we had a long walk and enjoyed our mountain escapade. Though the experience is tiring, but it is all worth it. I explored nature again.

Find ways to make a change in your everyday life. Have fun and enjoy your every "day". Keep going everyone. Happy weekend!

The Main Lies About Technical Devices

Contemporary technical devices comprise so many functions that we got used to the fact that camera should have a lot of megapixels in order to make shots of high quality and that products of Apple company are protected from viruses.

And because of these opinions and a great number of options it becomes difficult for us to distinguish what is true and what is false. I check customers’ opinions at from time to time, to be more convinced about new gadgets and their real abilities.

When your phone has a lot of bars you think that the connection is perfect, but it is not true. It can only mean that you are somewhere close to the nearest tower. If a great number of people are as close to that tower as you then be ready that the connection won`t be that perfect anymore.

Defragmentation of a hard driver 

There is an opinion that if you are defragmenting the hard driver of your computer periodically, then it will work faster. The truth is that hard drivers can work faster even if they are overfilled.

If Windows system is installed on your computer then it is defragmented automatically and there is no use in your doing it manually.

The main negative consequence is that you can damage the driver and the service life of your device will be reduced.
The ratio of the number of megapixels and the quality of the camera 

You will be surprised but the fact that the more megapixels camera has the better quality of pictures you receive is absolutely wrong.

Quality of pictures depends not on the megapixels but on the quality of the lenses. So the camera with a large number of megapixels will be worse than a camera with good lenses, but small amount of megapixels.


If you want to waste your money then you can buy an anti-virus scanner, but if you don`t then better don`t do it. Anti-virus programmer is either already installed on your computer as a basic one or you can be given an opportunity to download one for free, especially when you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

720p or 1080p?

Generally nobody sees the difference between 720 p and 1080p of the TV screen. It is really insignificant. When you sit very close then you will be able to see more spots. So if you are buying a new TV, you can save money by choosing 720 pscreen. Just place it in the way that you can sit further from it and you will notice no difference with that of 1080p.

Is new always better? So who determines whether the quality of the device is good or bad? The customers of course. They buy the device and even if it has some negative qualities they are ready to justify it because it is new and interesting. For instance, the short battery of modern gadgets is a great disadvantage.

Laptops and their charge

I think you often heard that if to leave your laptop plugged in, it will be burnt or spoiled. It is wrong because laptops have lithium-ion batteries and they don`t consume more electricity that they can take. So it is safe to leave the lap top plugged in even for the whole day. The only thing that can damage your laptop is the electricity failure.

Monday, April 07, 2014

I'll Go for Hinterland Escapade

Yes, it's summer and everyone are thinking which place to go, what activities to do and whom you go with. well, for me it's my family time. I'm going to go with my family in the secluded place in our city. My family, together with my cousins are planning to go to our little house in the hinterland. It's 1-hour travel from the city. We will going to spend the night there and in the morning we will go on hiking in the nearest mountain.

Wow! I am very much excited. And all my bags were packed and I am ready to go.
Keep going everyone. I'll be posting all the pictures after I come back.


A 90's Theme: A Throwback College Graduation Ball

Happy graduation. It's the day to celebrate and tell the world that you made it. To all the graduates of "Batch 2014", congratulations.

Being in college is one of the most exciting and most memorable days of our life.It lies between the childhood school years and the adulthood years. Graduation is the end of the journey you used to have and the start of another journey to walk in. I remember the days when I was in college where all the school work stress, tears and sweat just perfectly blend to my daily routine. It's just so amazing how we enable to surpass every obstacle that we go through despite everything. The time that we officially graduate, you had this feeling that our tormenting years are over.LOL.

So, graduation is a celebration. Get ready for your 90s fashion and outfits for the graduation ball. 90s theme would be a wonderful theme for today's batch of graduates. As we reminisce the colorful 90s style, you could also remember the past years that you were in your school years. And it's so exciting to see "Backstreet Boys", "Spice Girls'" trendy outfits come to life. It's going to be a super "throwback" party for all of you as you bring back all the 90s trends.

My college life and experiences was one of the most highlighted event in my life's timeline. It's a sort of colorful events in my life that I will never forget and when I look back, I would probably be happy and glad because I have all those great times in my life.

Keep going everyone. Get ready for summer. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Building up my Goals

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. -Jim Rohn
Building goals... In life, you have to build goals to keep moving, people who have no goals are wanderers- they don't know where they are heading. Discipline is essential. Without discipline, no doubt, establishing your goals will never workout.

I decided to start up my goals. I started laying out my goals for 2014. Three months of 2014 are gone, but it's not too late to start up my goals.

 I so love this quote about building goals. *I don't own this photo. Thanks Google for this.

My "12-months" goal (1 year):
1. Go on a mission trip- it's either in our city or outside the country (why not?)
2. Develop my blog and experience great sales.
3. Paint at least 7 canvas paintings.
4. Published 4 kindle books.
5. Experience great miracle through reaching out people.
6. Enjoy teaching.
7. Do the house make over. (There are still many goals but I'll list 7 for now)

My "4 weeks" goals (a month):
1. Finish my kindle book.
2. Paint 1 acrylic in canvas artwork.
3. Jog and exercise- Earn some abs.
4. Talk to someone and share about Jesus.
5. Start preparing for my new job- teaching.
6. Read a book- Christian book.
7. Read 1 book in the Bible.
8. Go on a date. ( ahhaha actually this one is not included.)

My 1 day goal.
1. Talk to God. 
2. Read and do some morning devotion.
3. Exercise/ workout- go to the gym and play basket ball.
4. Create at least three pages of my kindle book.
5. And etc.

I am the person who easily get discourage (even if I haven't started yet) when things don't work according to my plans. So, I ask God to give  me wisdom and to strengthen me in fulfilling all these goals. I also pray that God will reveal to me- through my prayers- His goal for my life. I am very assured that when God said it, everything will come to pass.

Start dreaming big. Start believing and start building up your dreams. And the secret to the "fulfilled goals" is DISCIPLINE.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photography Connects the Present with the Past

What reminds you of home when you’re far away? What reminds you of youth? What inspires you to travel and to try new things?

Somehow, photography can be the answer for all the listed questions. I see it as the reason of so many trips happening and the main reminder of who we are and where we are from. 

If there were no New York photographers taking pictures of the Empire State Building or the 5th avenue, there were no people willing to go there and see it all live. Photography is this huge intermediate between people and places, present and past, inspirations and desires. You know there is a small chance of you traveling to Brazil but only looking at a cool picture of the Rio beach and listening to some Vanessa Da Mata songs, can make you feel like you’re there. Even if it is all happening for 10 seconds, a photograph can give you a sense of being in some other place than the one you’re at now.

When I said that photography is an intermediate between the present and the past, I meant the obvious, we all know. These images of you in the 4th grade or of your mom and dad getting married are connecting you with the past. That’s something that I find really impressive and it makes me appreciate photography.
 Time flies and when you’ll get really old you would love to look at pictures of yourself when you were young. You would love to connect with the young you and feel what you felt again. Even if you’re now 30 years old, I’m pretty sure you’re admiring your old photographs where you’re 17 and you’re simply careless and beautiful. I’m not saying that aging is bad, it is a vital component of our lives, but somehow you would love to be forever young. Photography has the power to freeze youth and then show it to you so you can remember it all, just like it was yesterday.

Photography is the art that connects the present with the past, it inspires people to travel and try new things. This is the art that can make your nostalgia feel better.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Virtual Services for Business

If you are into virtual services for business and you want to know more information about this job check out this article. I've been a virtual assistant for almost three years now and I bet this article is pretty helpful. Check out this guest post from Regus Philippines.
In this digital age, a company would be eating someone’s dust if they are stuck in the dark ages. That is, they haven’t embraced yet the convenience and benefits of the internet whether for the exchange of information or for conducting business itself. In all likelihood, they probably don’t know all about virtual services neither those that are offered from different parts of the world nor those accessible only through the web.

Why do they matter? Well, why not find out some examples of such services:

·         Virtual Personal Assistant. Need someone to organise your calendar, sort out your files, respond to emails and takes care of other administrative tasks? If so, a virtual PA is what you need. Because he or she is web-based, you only need to pay them on a per-need basis and nothing else.

·         Stock Brokerage Services. Most businesspeople these days are trading stocks on the side, whether for personal or business reasons. Considering that you already have your hands full, you’ll need someone to handle the buying and selling of stocks; one that is knowledgeable about the market and all the processes involved. Where’s the best place to find one? The web.

·         Virtual Office. This might not be considered a service per se, but it still serves a very important function, especially if you get one that comes with other perks. Most virtual offices have a professional and impressive address, which can boost your company’s credibility. Add to this a multi-lingual receptionist, and you got yourself a fancy office for a fraction of a cost.

Still not convinced that virtual services are important to a business? Here are other compelling reasons not to ignore them:

1.    Save Money
It’s just two words that can make a huge difference, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises. How is this possible? Virtual services are just another form of outsourcing, but with a twist. This is because all chores are provided and handled over the net, significantly reducing overheads. Most service providers are also equipped with the tools they need to do their job, which means you don’t need to spend on office supplies and equipment. In general, outsourcing costs 50% less than in-house, full-time employees. You’ll save even more with virtual services.

2.    More Convenient
It takes forever to find the right people to employ. Recruitment process usually takes time, even if you use a staffing agency and once someone gets hired, you would have to orient or train them. With virtual services, however, you are assured that the person you hire is already trained and knowledgeable of the tasks ahead. They know what is expected of them so you can skip all other recruitment steps.

3.    No Limitations on Locations
Unlike in a traditional office setting, virtual services have no location limitations. A virtual PA, for example, will continue to carry out whatever tasks required of them even if you’re on a business trip. Although an in-house PA can do the same, the convenience and speed with which you can communicate with them may differ. This is especially true if you need to switch phone network just to make a call.

4.    More Flexible Working Terms
Virtual services are being offered per project, hourly, weekly or monthly, depending on your business needs. The work terms and conditions usually conform to your specific criteria and needs.

5.    Access to a Range of Expertise
Whether you’re looking for a consultant, PA, accountant, broker and the like, you will find exactly what you need on the web, and immediately. No need to go through the recruitment process of choosing from a lot of candidates because most virtual service providers have already specified their capabilities and experience on their resume, which leaves you to do just one thing — hire. So, if you want to hire an app developer so you can keep up with the continuing evolution of mobile apps just scour the internet.

6.    Allows for Multitasking
Depending on the services you hire, some people can do more than just take care of their primary tasks. A virtual PA, for instance, could also handle telephone answering, social media marketing, transcription and other roles. Suffice to say that they are willing to do more.

7.    Have Happier Employees
One of the top workplace trends in 2014 is great mobility. This refers to allowing employees to work from home. Apparently, telecommuting is more attractive than a standard benefit package for a lot of employees. And you know what they say about happy employees: they’re more productive and dedicated. Considering that the virtual services you hire probably follow a mobile arrangement, you are working with happy people.

8.    More Time
The best advantage of hiring such services is that you get to free up a lot of your time, which you can use anyway you want. You can choose to spend it to focus more on core functions or to have some fun.

You may never get to shake the hands of the people working for you from the other side of the world, but you see and get results. In the corporate world, they’re the only things that matter.

Regus Philippines one of the many branches of the multinational corporation Regus, a leading provider of serviced offices, corporate workplaces, meeting rooms and other mobile working solutions. They also offer business support services, such as telephone answering and mail handling.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Writing Kindle Books

Writing is a very great hobby. In writing you can create your own world. Today, I started writing kindle books. It is a story books for kinds and I am planning to sell it online. I don't know how this works and the outcome, but I'm confident enough that it would be a best selling book. Heheh (Always think positive).

I am also working in my book as a illustrator. Yes, I can write/create stories and illustrate my story (so it won't really cost me much money- as an investment). All I need now is an editor for my book. If you want to offer me a free editing, you are very welcome to comment here. This is just my head start, I will updated you more in this blog, after I publish my first story book.

Keep going everyone. God bless. Enjoy the week. :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Possible Problems Encountered in a Youth Camp

Last time I posted about our upcoming Summer Youth Camp. I also posted about the possible activities that will happen inside the camp. Now I'll be posting about some possible problems and obstacles that will "possibly" happen inside the camp.

Let's think the brighter way and pray that nothing goes wrong inside the camp.

During our youth group leader's meeting we discussed about the possible problems that we could really avoid:

1. Commotions and misunderstandings. This is the common problems we could experience in the camp. Make sure everyone, youth or youth leaders should know how to give way and understand. It is good in the leadership and activities that everyone is united.

2. Injuries and accidents. God forbids (I hope it won't happen in the camp). But we should face the truth- camp is an outdoor activity so we cannot avoid small injuries. Last time, a young man was injured in a basketball game. Make sure to prepare first aids.

3. Sound System Failure. Summer youth camp is a week full of activities. This involves revival night, and praise and worship time. It is very important to insure the  good quality sound system during music nights. Checkout randall from guitar center for a quality sound.

4. Food shortage. When the number of campers outnumbered the expected number of participants could possibly result to food shortage. But this one is a minor problem because we all know that God provides.

5. Bad weather. Rain and unexpected storms could really ruin the planned activity. I hope it won't happen during the camp.

How about you, what are your plans this summer?

Keep going everyone. Enjoy the approaching summer!

Summer Youth Camp is Almost Hear

Our Summer Youth Camp is almost here. Ah, I can't wait for this great event to come. Everyone (almost) in the church youth are very busy for the upcoming preparation. Well, then, we should not neglect the power of prayer and fasting. Through this two powerful methods in preparation, everything will flow smoothly.

Throughout our youth camp preparation, everyone are contributing great ideas and fun activities that we can do in the camp. Some of the bright idea were the mini "amazing race game", a "minute to win it" inspired games, divided workshops, evangelism activities, revival nights, sports fest, youth are divided through Biblical cities and a lot more.

I pray and hope that this planned activities will come to pass. And I pray that God will surely move in the lived of the young people.

Keep moving. God bless everyone.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why People Wear Earbuds While They Jog?

I badly need it- to jog everyday- since I'm experiencing back pain. Yeah right, I've been living an unhealthy lifestyle for the past two years in my life. the time I started working online I also gave up my healthy lifestyle. I sit all day- from day to night. But now I'm redeeming myself- I want to establish that healthy lifestyle.

Since I already started my day 1 of running, I want to continue this healthy lifestyle to redeem the wasted years I sit in working chair.

I'm starting to invest my running apparel. Like workout clothes, running shoes and earbuds. Hmm... Now I wonder, why do people wear earbuds when they jog? or when they workout? Since I've seen many people doing it. My first impression to this is- it looks really cool. It's pretty cool right? Now,  I really want to avail the best ear buds from guitar center for my daily jog.

So, to answer my question earlier, the main reason why they wear earbuds is simple because it helps them to motivate. Listening to music helps people to motivate- to keep going, to enjoy what they're doing or simple uplift their spirit. Music really uplifts your mood. No matter how painful and tiring your workout is, when you listen to great music, you felt comforted and energized. Another reason why they want to wear music when they jog is simply the want to cancel the noise from the outside. Noise from the outside, like chattering people, animals, cars and buses are really intoxicating. And maybe, the last reason could be- to look cool.

All in all, wearing earbuds in workout and running is not that bad. just make sure that you have lower music volumes to uplift you and just right to provide you a richer listening experience.

Enjoy jogging. Aim for the new and healthy you. Come and join me as we embrace the proper and healthy lifestyle. You are very welcome to share your comments about proper fitness and encourage people to exercise and live healthy.


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