Friday, December 27, 2013

What is the Beat of Your Drum?

I want to learn how to play the drums. Many want to learn the drum because they feel it sounds pretty cool, but learning to play the drums is more than that.
Drums have many purposes around the world and it’s symbolic to many cultures. Drums are mainly used in music, rituals, traditions, communications or even battle fields.

1. In cultural performances and rituals drums are mainly used. (Mainly China and Vietnam and other countries in Asia first used this instrument)
2. Drums are also used as communication. In early ages, over great distances, people used drums to communicate. It is used in Africa to communicate by imitating the tone language used in speaking.
3.It is also used for military troops and battles. In early age, even today, it is used to motivate troops in marching pace. It is also used in sports to conduct rhythm and simply used to motivate the players.
3.It is also used in worship. In the churches today- mainly Pentecostal churches- they usually uses drums in praise and worship. It has a great significance to them because it is like in the battle field- fighting the battles (in spiritual realm).

Whether it is an early age or in the 21st Century, drums played a significant role in the society.  And there are also many forms- it can be a single drum or a drum kit (with all other accessories like drum sticks, cymbals and etc. It is now improved to meet the demand of technology. Checkout the vic firth drum at musicians friend and see the different kinds of drum kits- a true product of technology.

The beat of the drum evolved as time passed by. In every beat of it has significance to the one who hold the drumsticks. The colorful origin and cultural uses of the drums made me more interested learning to play drum. I feel like… it will make a difference when I start hitting and beating the drums.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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