Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Moving on and Start Rehabilitation: A Story After a Supertyphoon's Devastation

Two years ago, we were flooded and I think all our appliances and things were washed out by the flood. Our town was helpless and we don’t know where to ask help. There are many dead bodies around the place. We evacuated in other place and we don’t know where to find trucks to transport some of the ting we saved. We felt so helpless- it’s very painful disaster (we almost loss everything). Now, it’s the second anniversary of that tragic event. It’s very horrible to recall the devastation it made into our town. Good thing that the government did really their best to help us for rehabilitation projects and assistance.

First thing you should do in times of disaster or after disaster is to believe that there is hope and there are lots of people with a good heart who can help you. Do not be angry to the situation, instead, do something to lessen the trauma or destruction. Always secure aid kit. You have also to submit to the local or national government. As I recall these events, I felt pity and sad to the victims of the super typhoon Haiyan that was greatly devastated last month- this year. People are starving to death. No foods were to be found. No clean water. The national and local government are struggling to distribute due to lack of trailer trucks to transport the food and supplies. The local government are in need of flatbed trailers. Through big trailer trucks, you can get the the easiest and reliable way to transport many equipment and other relief goods for the victims. Honestly the aid and help you get from the government are really a big help to ease the feeling of loss.

Always remember, there’s always hope after the disaster. Always remember that God made a rainbow to remind us that there’s always a rainbow after the rain- the hope after the trials. Keep going everyone. God bless.

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