Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Movie Watch: Frozen 2013

Here's another wonderful experience with Disney movies. Once again, Disney didn't fail me and all the Disney movie fans- the movie has a great positive feedback. Well of course, I'm already expecting it since it's from the maker of "Tangled" and "Wreck it Ralph" that are also successful Disney movies.

When I watched the trailer "Frozen" first comes in my mind... Here's another prince and princess love story of Disney. But still, I look forward of the movie because I am huge fan of princess' who found their prince story. The story is full of lesson and exciting scenes. I love the music and the arrangement in the movie. The theme songs of the movie "Let it Go" and etc.

I love the theme of the movie. It has the theme about love- love for family, siblings and for a friend. Frozen is the title that speaks a lot about the movie. Elsa who's the princess who has a magical powers who can froze things. She has no control in her super magical power because fear takes over. For me I like Elsa, she's so much like me. I know, deep inside me, I am capable of many things, but when fear takes over me, I end up messed up or hide in my shell. While trying to hide from everyone, her heart slowly harden and frozen. I like her line when she said, "you can't marry a man you just met". She's perfectly right.

Anna is very outgoing and carefree. She's very brave and full of love. Though, she seems so playful and childish sometimes, but I admire her bravery when she tried to save her sister. She's a brave woman and I want to be like her.

You will surely fall in love with Kristoff. Everybody will fall in love in his gentleness. Being so caring will surely make a woman fall in love. Total opposite to prince Hans who posses a frozen heart and wicked- all he want is power and the kingdom. Olaf  is very annoying but he never failed to make me laugh. he's very funny- he always crack the ice in the movie.

After I watched the movie, Disney did make a difference this time, no more for "love at first sight" and "prince fall in love to princess" theme. I'm glad that Disney did an amazing job in portraying all the characters without loosing the right emotion of the characters. Two thumbs up for this movie. Congrats Disney for this another wonderful animated movie.

And no more magic kiss. Only an act of "true love". And Anna made it :) A love for her sister.

Please allow me to post my favorite music clips from he movie:

Keep going everyone God bless.

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