Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From Single to Married: Are You Ready for the Change?

My cousin, with the same age as mine, is getting married this January. She’s already 24 and she’s engaged to her boyfriend. She’s happy and excited. We are the same age, but soon we’re in different status. I’m single and she’s married.
I usually read status from my Facebook friends where they feel lonely being single. Usually, people feel lonely because they don’t have company or someone to be with. Single life is far more different than married life. But which one is better? Being single or being married?

Carefree and Single

Let’s gaze on the beauty of being single. When you’re single, you are free to go anywhere, free to explore new things, try things on your own and spend your money for yourself. They can make independent choices without consulting a partner. When you’re single you have no responsibilities- you’re carefree. Remember life is wonderful- so explore. Being single, you tend to be more outgoing and active. 

But sometimes, being single can cause loneliness. You feel left out and you sometimes feel insecure. There’s a popular saying that “nobody is an island”. 

Married and Radiant

Married people are more radiant and very confident. They feel secured and fulfilled. Because they achieve something women only dream of. They found the right one and have a great family. They already have someone to care and share. People say, they already found their match, they found a set of thier wedding bands. They wear matching rings- and they wear it proud.
But being married means you have more responsibilities- to your children and to your spouse. They have more perspective and dependent to one another’s decision. You are now restricted to do the usual things you do when you’re single. 

Changes are part of human life. To live, you need to endure the change. Singlehood is one of the precious times where you can do things on your own and you can get to know of yourself. But getting married is another chapter of life- new perspective and different enjoyment. Live life to the fullest while you're single and when that time comes and you’re ready to settle down, you feel satisfied, fulfilled and happy in your married life. 

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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