Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Early Rounds at Christmas Village

It's Christmas time. Christmas is in the air. Oh, I love Christmas. Last night, we had a wonderful time together with my cousins and my family at the Christmas village at city hall. Though, it's not as wonderful as Star City, Mall of Asia, Disney Land and other amusement park, but I really enjoyed the day. It is the thought that counts- spending the night with my loved ones.

I was with my whole family and counsins, uncle and auntie. We had fun. We ate street food at the bench and we had fun time together. We had funny and enjoyable conversations. We were laughing and doing some pictorials. We enjoyed the place even though it's not as colorful as last year's.

I really enjoyed the colorful lights all around. There are tall Christmas trees and etc.
Being with your family is the most rewarding part, the ambiance is just a consolation. I thank God for this wonderful moment.

The true spirit of Christmas is by loving, giving, sharing and showing your care to others and to the ones you love.
Keep going. God bless.
Merry Christmas everyone.


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