Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Early Preparations for Noche Buena

Hi everyone, finally, December is here. I really love December because December is Christmas time. I am always excited for Christmas season. What I love about is the spirit of Christmas where everybody is happy, forgiving, loving and specially celebrating the birth of the savior Christ. I also love the gift giving, sharing and family reunion. This time of the year, the family gets together and enjoying the Christmas Eve or we called it "Noche Buena". In "Noche Buena", it is where the whole family enjoyed a midnight dinner together. The whole family enjoyed the whole evening- laughing, exchanging gifts, singing, dancing and etc.

For me, Christmas is worth celebrating. That's why I always see to it that everything is well-prepared as early as possible. I also saved money to buy gifts and for the "handa" or food to prepare. Table arrangements and tablecloths make the set-up merrier. I suggest putting a poly check table linens in your table will make it livelier. Quality wise, it's a heavy weight fabric and durable. Choose your motif now and start matching it up with your other utensils. It is also awesome if you match it with the ornaments and Christmas decorations.
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I hope we all have a merry Christmas. And hope that everyone is sharing their blessings. Christmas eve and dinner with the family is useless if we don't have the spirit of giving, sharing and loving. Enjoy your Christmas.

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