Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bringing Back the Spirit of Christmas Carolling

When I was a kid, every Christmas we usually do Christmas carolling in the neighbourhood. Together with my siblings and cousins, we usually go outside in our neighborhood to sing Christmas carols– with all the musical instruments like tambourine, guitar, handmade drums and etc. Then, after singing a few songs the owner of the house will give us a penny or a Christmas present. As kids, we were all glad receiving a small amount of penny. Then we moved on to another house and sang the same songs and another penny was added to our coin bank. At the end of the carolling (when we were all tired) we divided the money or we saved it for our Christmas party. We love doing it. We did it for fun at the same time we were earning.That was a very enjoyable thing to do. That’s what I really miss every Christmas.

Now, we are not doing it anymore. We are already old enough and we feel shy to do it. And people now days don’t appreciate Christmas carolling. Carollers just did it for the sake of receiving money. They don’t make good of it- it lacks passion. I haven’t heard anymore awesome Christmas carols outside the streets or in neighborhood.

I hope I could bring back the spirit of carolling- were everyone is enjoying in singing hymns and songs of Christmas. I wish I could hear again the sound of the drums, guitar, tambourine and singing Christmas songs outside the house. At that time, I hope it would be unique where I could hear the sound of the banjo, flute, violin and sax. Well, I will be glad. If you wish to try my suggestions checkout the banjos for sale and start gathering all your unique musical instrument and make it alive again in the heart of people the spirit of “Christmas carolling”. If you haven’t tried singing Christmas carol at your neighborhhod, you better try it because it’s enjoyable and fulfilling.

Merry Christmas everyone. Keep going. God bless.

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