Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Lesson Learned from a Coffee Mug

If there is a certain thing that has a sentimental value to me, probably it would be a piece of coffee mug. Why I consider it valuable? Three years ago, we had a Christmas party at my grandmother’s house. It is our family’s tradition to have a Christmas party and exchange gift every Christmas- before Christmas Eve. A day before the party, we picked random names to know whom we will give our gifts.  We called the receiver of the gift as manita (female) or monito (male). After we picked a name, just for fun, we we’re shouting the gift we want to receive.- just to let that person who picked know what I want. That time, I was shouting “I beg you, please give me anything… a makeup or slipper, but please don’t give me a coffee mug”.

During the party, we had a great time playing parlour games. Before midnight, we exchanged gifts.  I was very excited to open my gift. I was surprised. Yes, inside the box is a piece of mug with a Disney princess design. That was an awkward moment and I don’t know how to react. My cousin was absent the time we picked names and shouted our request and sad thing is… I was her monita.  So, he doesn’t have any idea what I want to receive as a gift. Hahaha that was reallly funny. That was three years ago.

But you know what, this is the only gift that really lasted.Guess what, the mug became my everyday buddy- I use it almost everyday when I drink water, juice, coffee and etc. If ever I would be given the chance to ask for a gift I would love to request for a custom coffee mugs. Because I know that it is so useful to me. It was with me throughout the years. It is a witness of my happiness, sadness, loneliness and etc. When I'm down, I just drink coffee and I felt better.

That story simply taught me a lesson. Sometimes in life we don't usually get what we want. Instead, we get what we don't expect or desire. But when we start to learn to appreciate its value, we will know that "everything comes or happens for a reason". Time will reveal its value and purpose into our life. Through that, you will learn to treasure and appreciate it more.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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nova hedges said...

you are right, mug gift could make us remember the person who gave it to us.


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