Friday, December 13, 2013

3 Easy Steps on How to Overcome Fear of Singleness and Loneliness

Exchanging of vows and saying “I do” are more treasured when you both enjoyed your singlehood. Many considered singlehood as boring and full of loneliness- especially when you almost reach that age of 30 and  all your friends have boyfriend/ girlfriend and some were already married. And you started viewing single hood is a curse! I strongly disagree. My close friend and my spiritual adviser from the US shared this advises to me. (Since I’m still single, but not desperately looking for a mate. Hahaha)

1. Do as many of the things in your power that you want to do as a single person. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of things you can do- traveling, taking cooking classes, riding a bike around the lake every weekend, running every night, etc. ( That way when you’re married, you will be so ready. You will have explored those things of interest that may not fit with family life. You will be so ready to settle down.

2. Also, I think it's important to be around people...through your job, through your church, your friends, your family, activities, etc. You never know where you might meet the person God has in mind for you. Do not seek the person God has planned for you, the Lord will lead you two together.

3. If you haven’t found the right person, it is because God is either preparing you or that other special person. If you don't find them's because they (or you) has more work that the Lord wants you to do. Believe in God's perfect timing; believe he has a wonderful mate for you?

When that day comes, you will surely know you’re ready and you found the one… because your heart feels so happy and fulfilled. Don’t be in a hurry. Life is so beautiful to explore 30’s is not so old! Keep the faith.

If you're single and you feel like your ready to mingle, well then, checkout my other post related to this topic: From Single to Married: Are You Ready for the Change?
Keep going.

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