Monday, November 18, 2013

The Upcoming Church's "Christmas Around the World Presentation"

I was really busy preparing for our upcoming Christmas presentation. I was assigned to manage the backdrop stage design. I am also very excited to participate a dance presentation "Te Amo"- a Spanish dance presentation.

"Christmas Around the World" is our theme for the upcoming presentation. We have to prepare variety of presentation like dance, drama and song presentation based on the different countries like USA, Spain, China, Japan and etc. I am also excited for the song presentation. I've seen a choir presentation using a trumpet and it's really amazing- it feels like I'm hearing angels' singing. I would really like to hear a song presentation that uses the best getzen trumpet. 
It is really amazing to hear choir that uses one of the best musical instruments. The rendition of the songs and a great musical instrument like trumpet will give you goose bumps all over you body.

We started practicing song, drama and dance presentation every weekend. I am hoping that we'll be able to make it and finish all the preparation despite all the business in our work in the weekdays.

I am very excited to for that day to come. I'm wishing for the best keep going everyone.

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