Friday, November 29, 2013

The Most Romantic Musical Instrument

What is the most romantic musical instrument?

Women, now a day, are attracted to men who knows how to play musical instruments. Let's be honest, it's a "plus" if a man knows how to play any of these instruments- it's either piano, guitar, drums, violin, sax and etc. Woman easily falls in love if the man knows how to sing or play the instrument. Right? Men usually uses this strategy to serenade his beloved and captivate a woman's heart.But, let me ask you, which of these instrument is the most romantic one?

For me, I choose saxophone. Actually, it's next to violin, but I choose sax because it requires effort to play it. You need to blow extra air, distort a little bit of your face, but still it produces a romantic and sweet sound that could really make a woman fall.  That's why, guys out there start practicing your saxophone or start purachasing your best alto saxaphone at musicians friend.
I saw a movie and the guy played the saxophone to a girl she loves- it's really sweet and the atmosphere became romantic.

No wonder why, many of the romantic events or places like restaurants, dates in a cruise ship, proposal and wedding, the usual instruments played are saxophone and violin because it has the most sexiest tone and sound. And girls, watch out to the guys who knows how to play the saxophone, get ready to be in love.
How about you, what is the most romantic musical instrument for you?
Truly, love is in the air. Keep going everyone.

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