Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The iTrack Solo Audio Interface for iPad, Mac and PC for Music Lovers

Everybody knows I can't sing.Hahaha
I just love to share this wonderful experience. Last Saturday, I was given an opportunity to sing in front of the crowd. Everybody knows in the world that I am not a good singer or sing high notes. Unfortunately, I didn’t possess a golden voice actually. I have no experience in singing- I don’t even know how to hold a microphone.hahaha. But right at that moment, honestly I was really nervous at that time, I was able to sing songs. One of our youth leader in our youth group asked me to lead the praise and worship. I was mixed emotion for me- I felt nervous, excited, afraid and etc. In some point of my singing, all my fears are gone.

If am given an opportunity, I would love to record my voice. It’s kind of awkward, but I love to hear my voice in an audio recording studio. I want to know how bad or good my voice is.
 Now a day, it is pretty easier to record your voice using a cool audio recording ipad 4. The gadget has the capacity to record your songs with many apps, can connect your microphone and instrument directly,Mac and etc. If you have this, indeed you can be a real recording artist- I mean a "wanna be" artist. Honestly, I am not a music lover, but I wanna try this one.

Those who love to sing and wants to record their self-titled album, well, this is the best Christmas gift gadget you can give to yourself. :)

Keep going everyone. Enjoy your day. God bless.

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