Monday, November 18, 2013

The Carol of the Drum: The Little Drummer Boy

Christmas season is coming.

When I was browsing songs in the Youtube for our upcoming presentation, I was mesmerized by this song "The Carol of the Drum or they called it "The Little Drummer Boy". Actually I heard this song over and over again in radio or any Christmas presentation, but I haven't got into the lyrics. When I read the lyrics, surely it added to my list of favorite Christmas songs.

The lyrics of the story didn't really match to the nativity story, but the story of the little drummer boy amazes me. The boy is poor but he only got one drum to play and offer it to baby Jesus. The boys heart in giving is admirable. He uses his resources and talent to offer it to Jesus. It is really a tear jerker seeing little kids learning musical instrument not just to impress others, but to offer and honor the Lord.

I love seeing kids play drums. It's really cute. Moms out there purchase a kids drums at musicians friend today for your early Christmas gift to them. Let them learn how to beat the drums and play a sound of music. Just like the little drummer boy who only wish is to let the baby smile by playing the drums.

Is it wonderful to know that we can share a smile to others by just sharing our talents? Giving isn't just about money, but (it's whether you dance, sing or play musical instruments and etc.) it's about sharing what we have to make other people smile. Giving doesn't measured through the thickness  of our pocket, but through the thickness of the heart.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

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