Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sweaty Moments: Playing Bowling with the Youth

It's good thing to know that you have a lot of friends that you can bond. This is our bowling fellowship with the youth at church. It's one of the enjoyable weekend that we spend together with the young people without thinking any stressful job that you need to comply.
With these moments, you're sweating together... laughing... and enjoying every moment together. It's good thing that everyone enjoyed the game. Hahaha. I am not a super-athlete in bowling but by treasuring every moments with my friends feels like I'm already a champion.
It doesn't matter that we end up having muscle pains as long as we are happy gaining all these body pains.
Here's that snapshots of the game. I super love this day.

Keep going everyone.
getting ready for my first strike....

Striking... @ the canal. hahaha

I think we took more pictures than playing :D

Oh... I so love them both <3

Here I am... taking my selfie pic @ the lanes

picture time! I told you we have more time for pictorials than playing. I cannot post all pics because there are hundreds of those. :)


tush said...

Obviously, everyone hope to be together with friends and doing something interesting. I admire that you have a big "family" to get together. I am a painter who love oil painting at my workshop. and can not spare time.

Lyn said...

Hi Tush, yes I am an artist too. I love painting and I usually use acrylic as a medium. You can teach me as well. Anyway... bonding time and play time would be great thing to get over stress. :)


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