Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Nice Meeting You Pj the Friendly Dog

Yesterday, I had a great time doing beach hopping with my church mates. Actually, it’s not an outing but we were looking for a place where we can conduct our upcoming retreat and summer youth camp. We stop by and had our lunch in one of our daughter churches. In that church I met “pj” the friendly dog.

“Pj” is really friendly. When we arrived, nobody’s at home… only “pj”. Unexpectedly, the gate was open so we got in and waited inside the yard. Good thing he didn’t bark, he just wagged his tail. He was standing at the corner of the wall and his cute eyes were staring at us. He is truly a man’s best friend- thank God he knew we were good people and not robbers  He’s really a nice and friendly dog. For his goodness, I would love to reward him foam by mail beds for pets. It would be great for him if he can sleep comfortably like having a real bed.

Looking at “pj”, I can’t help myself but to miss our pet dog called “spot”- he was hit by the car and died. I’m not emotionally attached to animals or pets but when I saw “pj” I feel like hugging him and want to take good care of him. If only I could bring him home, I would give him extra care. I would love to adopt again a dog. At that time, I realized having a pet dog could really give you such joy by just looking at them.

I got here a photo of a sleeping dog but it’s not “pj”. This would be how he looks like when he sleeps… so cute!

Keep going everyone.

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