Friday, October 18, 2013

My Blessed 24th Birthday: A Day of Celebration and Thanksgiving

It's really good to know that there are many people who loves you and celebrated with you in your most special day. Yesterday, I had wonderful night with my friends and loved ones. I celebrated my 24th birthday with the people who are very special to me.

I also appreciate the people who leave there comments in my FB and made collage just for me. I really thank the the Lord for giving me such wonderful people. I thank y parents who cooked the food for me and for always supporting me in all that I do. To my siblings who are there with me, who grew up with me and do all the crazy things that I never thought I could do.hahaha. To my loving friends in the church who made there way, just to celebrate with me in my special day and to my highschool and college best friends who made a special message for me. I also like to thank my cousins who went in the house to eat all the food that I prepared.heheh. God knows how I really valued all these people.

In everything, I give thanks to the Lord for giving me such a wonderful life and for giving me another year to be with those special people and celebrate life with.
Keep going everyone. :)

This is my older sister's Birthday greeting. She posted it in my FB. The Message is kinda funny. ahhaha

This is the photo of me  with my church mate and my younger sis in the left side of the photo. I'm blessed that they came.

My best friend posted this photo in my Facebook. and she wrote a very long and funny caption- hhahaha that's her birthday message for me.

I'm with my closest friend in Highschool. We have the same nickname and we call each other "ling".
and I'm with my father. I was once his little daughter. Now, I'm fully grown-up
Happy Birthday to me.
Keep going everyone.

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