Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Musician in the Family

One of my dreams, since I was young, is to learn how to play the guitar.  Actually, I had the opportunity to learn the instrument. I tried the different techniques on how to strum the guitar strings, but it is not as easy as I thought. Honestly, I didn’t put my passion in learning that instrument. All I want is to learn it immediately without paying attention about the basic chords and etc. I was having a hard time learning it, so I quit.

I am glad that my younger sister fulfilled that dream for me. She started attending workshop in guitar lesson and she learned it immediately. She learned the basic strumming in just two weeks. And now she continually learning how to play through video tutorials and practicing. I wish I could also support her more by providing her a better guitar. I could make her happy if I could buy a fender mustang floor at guitar center. I know she badly want a better guitar. I saw a lot of great acoustic-electric guitars and I think it would really fit to our little musician.

Here, I got some photos during their workshop recital last summer.

Maybe I lack perseverance but I think playing the guitar is not really for me. I’m just glad and contented that we have a musician in the family. I am happy that my little sister is fulfilling my dream.  

Keep going everyone.

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