Friday, October 18, 2013

My Blessed 24th Birthday: A Day of Celebration and Thanksgiving

It's really good to know that there are many people who loves you and celebrated with you in your most special day. Yesterday, I had wonderful night with my friends and loved ones. I celebrated my 24th birthday with the people who are very special to me.

I also appreciate the people who leave there comments in my FB and made collage just for me. I really thank the the Lord for giving me such wonderful people. I thank y parents who cooked the food for me and for always supporting me in all that I do. To my siblings who are there with me, who grew up with me and do all the crazy things that I never thought I could do.hahaha. To my loving friends in the church who made there way, just to celebrate with me in my special day and to my highschool and college best friends who made a special message for me. I also like to thank my cousins who went in the house to eat all the food that I prepared.heheh. God knows how I really valued all these people.

In everything, I give thanks to the Lord for giving me such a wonderful life and for giving me another year to be with those special people and celebrate life with.
Keep going everyone. :)

This is my older sister's Birthday greeting. She posted it in my FB. The Message is kinda funny. ahhaha

This is the photo of me  with my church mate and my younger sis in the left side of the photo. I'm blessed that they came.

My best friend posted this photo in my Facebook. and she wrote a very long and funny caption- hhahaha that's her birthday message for me.

I'm with my closest friend in Highschool. We have the same nickname and we call each other "ling".
and I'm with my father. I was once his little daughter. Now, I'm fully grown-up
Happy Birthday to me.
Keep going everyone.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Promise: Waiting and Believing in the Magic of True Love

I’ll turn 24 tomorrow. It seems like it was yesterday when I started playing toys and childhood games. Now, I am a fully grown woman. Time runs so fast. I may not notice it… I may wake up one day walking the aisle with a boquet of flowers in my hands. And it would be very wonderful and magical for me if the man I love will meet me at the altar.
A wedding is magical. If I get married, I want to have it at the beach. Where I can feel the sea breeze and hear the sound of the waves. I want it sunset. I want that to have colorful lights around the scene and a lot of jasmine flowers. Wedding bands is not an issue for me, but I would love it if it’s like the wedding bands platinum. For me, platinum looks good than golden rings, plus, it looks more elegant in the hand of a lady. It really looks awesome.

Truly, wedding is not just about details, but it’s about marrying the one you love. While chatting with my friend from Texas, we exchange thoughts about marriage and settling down. She’s like a mom to me and I really appreciate her advises. She’s very thoughtful and loving. She really advised me to wait on God’s timing and wait for a godly man- a man that will respect and value me as a woman. She’s right, waiting is hard, but you can only say “it’s worth the wait” when you endured all the waiting process. So I promise to wait, be faithful to God and remain pure. 

( I don't own this photo)

I promise not rush things and wait patiently. I want to enjoy every moment of my “singlehood”. I want to trust in the idea that every one of us will find a good and godly man. I want to hope that there’s always a “happy ever after” when we choose to wait. Wait on God’s perfect time and experience the true magic of true love in your wedding day.
Keep going everyone.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sweaty Moments: Playing Bowling with the Youth

It's good thing to know that you have a lot of friends that you can bond. This is our bowling fellowship with the youth at church. It's one of the enjoyable weekend that we spend together with the young people without thinking any stressful job that you need to comply.
With these moments, you're sweating together... laughing... and enjoying every moment together. It's good thing that everyone enjoyed the game. Hahaha. I am not a super-athlete in bowling but by treasuring every moments with my friends feels like I'm already a champion.
It doesn't matter that we end up having muscle pains as long as we are happy gaining all these body pains.
Here's that snapshots of the game. I super love this day.

Keep going everyone.
getting ready for my first strike....

Striking... @ the canal. hahaha

I think we took more pictures than playing :D

Oh... I so love them both <3

Here I am... taking my selfie pic @ the lanes

picture time! I told you we have more time for pictorials than playing. I cannot post all pics because there are hundreds of those. :)

Friday, October 04, 2013

Time to Sweat: It's Bowling Time

Hi friends. Happy weekend to everyone. In my case, during those tiring work the whole week, I am very excited for weekend. For my weekend activity, we have a scheduled bowling games tomorrow with the youth in our church. Yes, you read it right. I am not an athlete in bowling. We will be playing tomorrow just for fun- it's a bonding time and fellowship with the youth. Time to sweat! Hahaha. I do really need to sweat a lot. In my line job, I always sit and work in front of the computer. For me it's my opportunity for me to have a healthy activity. It's actually a healthy exercise. I hope you can join us :)

I'll be posting some pictures after the game. Have a happy weekend and take care always.
God bless.
Keep going!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Kitchenhood Diary: Buko Pandan Salad

This is our “kitchenhood diary” episode. I got a recipe to share. Filipinos really love salad and halo-halo. For me, I personally love and prefer to eat “buko pandan” salad. “Buko pandan” salad is always my special recipe in every special occasion or just an ordinary day. Since it’s my favourite, I would love to share it to you too. 

 These are the ingredients you need to prepare:

1 pack “pandan” flavor gelatine powder
5 cups grated buko or young coconut
½ cup sugar
1 1/2 cups of condensed milk
1 box all-purpose cream

Here are my step-by-step preparation:

1.  First, heat the 3 cups of water in the pan.
2.       Put the 1 pack “pandan” flavour gelatine powder. (you can put a half cup of sugar in the mixture)
3.       After heating the mixture, put it in the container and let it harden.
4.       While waiting for the gelatine, mix the grated buko (young coconut), ½ sugar, 1 1/2 cups of condensed milk, 1 box all-purpose cream in a container.
5.       After the gelatine hardens, chop it into cubes using a knife.
6.       Mix the gelatine (make sure it is “pandan” flavour) in to the mixture you made earlier.
7.       Let’s eat!
I just love the taste and the smell of the “pandan” in the salad. I hope you like my recipe for today. It’s really simple and easy to prepare.

Keep going everyone. Enjoy cooking!

A Musician in the Family

One of my dreams, since I was young, is to learn how to play the guitar.  Actually, I had the opportunity to learn the instrument. I tried the different techniques on how to strum the guitar strings, but it is not as easy as I thought. Honestly, I didn’t put my passion in learning that instrument. All I want is to learn it immediately without paying attention about the basic chords and etc. I was having a hard time learning it, so I quit.

I am glad that my younger sister fulfilled that dream for me. She started attending workshop in guitar lesson and she learned it immediately. She learned the basic strumming in just two weeks. And now she continually learning how to play through video tutorials and practicing. I wish I could also support her more by providing her a better guitar. I could make her happy if I could buy a fender mustang floor at guitar center. I know she badly want a better guitar. I saw a lot of great acoustic-electric guitars and I think it would really fit to our little musician.

Here, I got some photos during their workshop recital last summer.

Maybe I lack perseverance but I think playing the guitar is not really for me. I’m just glad and contented that we have a musician in the family. I am happy that my little sister is fulfilling my dream.  

Keep going everyone.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Nice Meeting You Pj the Friendly Dog

Yesterday, I had a great time doing beach hopping with my church mates. Actually, it’s not an outing but we were looking for a place where we can conduct our upcoming retreat and summer youth camp. We stop by and had our lunch in one of our daughter churches. In that church I met “pj” the friendly dog.

“Pj” is really friendly. When we arrived, nobody’s at home… only “pj”. Unexpectedly, the gate was open so we got in and waited inside the yard. Good thing he didn’t bark, he just wagged his tail. He was standing at the corner of the wall and his cute eyes were staring at us. He is truly a man’s best friend- thank God he knew we were good people and not robbers  He’s really a nice and friendly dog. For his goodness, I would love to reward him foam by mail beds for pets. It would be great for him if he can sleep comfortably like having a real bed.

Looking at “pj”, I can’t help myself but to miss our pet dog called “spot”- he was hit by the car and died. I’m not emotionally attached to animals or pets but when I saw “pj” I feel like hugging him and want to take good care of him. If only I could bring him home, I would give him extra care. I would love to adopt again a dog. At that time, I realized having a pet dog could really give you such joy by just looking at them.

I got here a photo of a sleeping dog but it’s not “pj”. This would be how he looks like when he sleeps… so cute!

Keep going everyone.


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