Monday, September 23, 2013

Kitchenhood Diary: My Homemade Pizza Bread

Hi! Checkout my new secret recipe for today. It is called “pizza bread”. It is fun and easy to cook- yes it’s not baked. If you want to eat pizza but you don’t have an oven at home and you want to tighten your budget, then this recipe is perfect for you. All you have to do is prepare these ingredients and follow my step by step procedures.

I took a photo of my pizza, I hope you like it!
1.       1 pack Loaf or sliced bread
2.       1 pack Ham
3.       1 pc. Butter (we only use small amount but you can use it to other recipes)
4.       1 box cheese
5.       1 pack pizza sauce
Let’s cook!
1. Prepare the cooking pan (make sure to lower the heat)
2. Spread small amount of butter in the 2 layers of the sliced bread (do it to all slices)
3. Slice the ham into square shapes (it’s up to you if you want another shapes)
4. Fry the ham (you can put small butter & other spices if you want)
5. In the other pan, put the sliced bread in the pan (allow it to toast until it turns into brownish color)
6. While toasting the bread, put pizza sauce, grated cheese and sliced ham in the top of the bread. 
7. After toasting and putting all the ingredients, put is in a flat surface and slice it into half (triangular form)
8. Ollah! You have now your own homemade pizza. You can present the pizza in a plate in a circular form.
Keep going everyone and enjoy eating.

1 comment:

Grace said...

wow. great recipe. cheaper than pizza but I think it's delicious. keep posting.


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