Friday, September 27, 2013

I am Launching my New Blog- My Serenity Zone

Hi friends… to my loyal friends, co-bloggers and visitors thank you for visiting my blog every day. I am very happy and excited to tell you that I got a new blog and I want to launch it today. Yes, I am very “back” to blogging. For sure, there are more and exciting thoughts that I could share to you here in this blog. There are more honest words and thoughtful thoughts that you can learn in my new blog. 

As a sign of my gratitude to my visitors and commenters, I will put your link into my blogroll for those who do the “first 5 comments” in my blog. 

Here’s the snapshot of my new blog My Serenity Zone. I hope you will like it.

There’s still room for improvements in my blog. I am still working and building-up backlinks to my blog. I also want to develop my themes and color layout. But for now, I want to keep it simple and relaxing in the eyes. Your comments and feedbacks that will help me build up my blog are always welcome.
If you have time you can visit my new blog. Thank you for visiting and have a great day to you. Kudos!

My Top 3 Early Christmas Wish

Do you have any wish for Christmas? I know it’s too early for a Christmas wish, but I want to make a list earlier so that I can save as early as possible. And also, I’ll be celebrating my birthday this second week of October so I have another reason to have my wish list.

I am not into high-tech gadget, but I just felt lately that I was outdated when it comes to high technology. Yes, honestly I don’t even know what android is and I don’t know how to operate smartphones. Hahaha. Now, I am much determined to buy my own gadgets next month. Well, I am just looking for the right place to shop.
I was planning to buy the best phones, cheap price and assured quality phones and gadgets, thank God I found Lazada
I found their page helpful when you try to find page mobiles and tablets. Actually there are a lot of gadgets and even cheaper android tablets that we could choose from. It's not wrong to have a wish and it's free to dream. So here are my wish lists:
1. SmartPhone
 Here are the top of my choices: Cherry Mobile Cosmos S (₱ 10,999.00);Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 4GB Android 4.2 Dual SIM (₱ 8,799.00); Lenovo A390 (₱ 4,999.00).
2. Android Tablet 
Here, I found the cheaper tablet Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Tablet (Black)- for as low as ₱ 3,999.00.
3. A brand new Laptop (any kind of brand)

Why these gadgets are in the top of my wish lists? First, I want a new phone. Literally, I want a touch screen phone (as I've said earlier I'm already outdated in gadgets).

I got here my phones evolution.  (left-right) 1. My Nokia phone- I was using this phone in my whole college life. 2. My Samsung C3010 phone is what I am using right now. It's been 3 years already since I started using this phone. 3. In the last picture is Cherry Mobile Cosmos- this phone will "soon" to be mine.

My intention in buying a tablet is not just to play games, upload videos or watch movies but I want to have it personally just to check on emails, update my blogs and check on my other stuff that is related to my work online. For me, it's easy and convenient in checking files when I use a tablet than laptop.
And the last one is a new laptop. My laptop has a small screen and I want a bigger version. I want to work online with bigger screeen.

I hope these things will all be mine.  I'll start to do some hardwork, focus more on my job and do some extra work to have additional income. I'll also try to find some opportunities to purchase these items in the lesser price. I hope I can receive a gift containing one of the items listed above.  :D I hope so...
I also pray that God will grant my desires and wishes.

How about you? What are your wishes?

Thanks for visiting. Keep going everyone.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kitchenhood Diary: My Homemade Pizza Bread

Hi! Checkout my new secret recipe for today. It is called “pizza bread”. It is fun and easy to cook- yes it’s not baked. If you want to eat pizza but you don’t have an oven at home and you want to tighten your budget, then this recipe is perfect for you. All you have to do is prepare these ingredients and follow my step by step procedures.

I took a photo of my pizza, I hope you like it!
1.       1 pack Loaf or sliced bread
2.       1 pack Ham
3.       1 pc. Butter (we only use small amount but you can use it to other recipes)
4.       1 box cheese
5.       1 pack pizza sauce
Let’s cook!
1. Prepare the cooking pan (make sure to lower the heat)
2. Spread small amount of butter in the 2 layers of the sliced bread (do it to all slices)
3. Slice the ham into square shapes (it’s up to you if you want another shapes)
4. Fry the ham (you can put small butter & other spices if you want)
5. In the other pan, put the sliced bread in the pan (allow it to toast until it turns into brownish color)
6. While toasting the bread, put pizza sauce, grated cheese and sliced ham in the top of the bread. 
7. After toasting and putting all the ingredients, put is in a flat surface and slice it into half (triangular form)
8. Ollah! You have now your own homemade pizza. You can present the pizza in a plate in a circular form.
Keep going everyone and enjoy eating.

Home Improvement: My Dream Bedroom

Hi friends, I just want to show to you my new room. Hehehe. I’m just kidding. We just renovate our bedroom lately and it's pretty cool. We put up some new cabinet and we paint it yello. We painted our room with light green and the cabinets and other furniture is color yellow. The output is not as beautiful as in the picture but it is much better than before.

Actually in the picture, it is my dream bedroom. This is what I want as an output. Based in our budget it is impossible, but I will continually dream big to achieve this kind of room someday. This room looks so refreshing and relaxing. It gives you an ease feeling and calmness when you stay in this room. I super love the mat- its grassy effect is inviting me to lie down and feel the dews in the
I love everything in the room- the ornamental plant, decors, windows and the paints. The light colors are so relaxing. It is just so perfect. The lamp shades, the sofa bed, bedding and curtains are complementing each other.
I know… I need to work hard to have this kind of room. But who knows God will grant my dearest request. Please God, I want this kind of room. Thanks.
Keep going everyone and God bless.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My Beautiful Sketch Portrait

Hi everyone I'm very excited to post and share to you my beautiful portrait. I know that you've known me as being artistic, but this time it's not my artwork. My churchmate made this beautiful portrait. My expertise is in painting and I know a little about drawing, but I cannot make this detailed portrait. One day, I also dreamed to acquire this "detailed-drawing talent" It's very awesome! By just using sketch pencils and drawing paper you can already make an artwork. 
Soon... I hope so... I could practice making portrait- this time I will not use paper and pencil but paint brush and acrylics paints. I'm very excited. I hope it will turn out to be a successful artwork.
Keep going everyone.


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