Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Watchout for my New Blog Launch

Yes, I got a new website. I am so excited to launch my new website here. Some people feel having two or three website is kinda tiring. But for me it's fun. There are new unique ideas that are coming in- how you're gonna design it, the themes, layout and most specially the posts or insights.
Finding a blog name is also fun and brings you excitement. Make sure your blog name is appropriate, short and easy to remember.

I admit it is a great job to do. You have to start all over again- from the very top (linkbuilding, exlinks, populating contents and etc.)
This time I'll be smarter in managing my blog. This time I'll focus on the contents rather than linkbuilding. Linkbuilding is helpful in many websites and blogs but good content is much appreciated.

Any "pro" blogger is very welcome here. I'll be very happy and pleased if you leave your bright insights and comments here to improve my site.

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