Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Trip to Reyes HairCutters

They say when women are :brokenhearted" they usually go to the salon for a haircut. They usually have this long silky hair and they end up cutting almost a half of its length. There is no scientific explanation for this, they just want a change- it's all in the mind. I think they want a symbolic representation of their heart- tearing apart. Hahahha...
I don't know what's the exact reason for this, but in my part I just want to have a great change on how I look. I never had this kind of length of hair before. I used to have a long hair and I have this mentality that having a short hair doesn't look good on me. But today, I got the courage to take that risk- no matter what the outcome. Today I got the courageous act to do it. Then I did it they cut my hair into "almost" half of its length.
My older sister cut her precious hair too. I remember the old days when my mom cut her hair (just little length) she already cried. This time she endured looking at her hair all cut in large length.

Here, I got some of the snapshots from the the salon. Taken at Reyes Haircutters.

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