Monday, August 05, 2013

I Need Help for a New Site Layout, Anyone?

Those who usually visit my site had already observed the changes of my site's layout and theme. I actually want it to be as simple as possible. I got this quite peach-brown color for my layout. I want it to be whimsy green in color but since I cannot find the best one, well I just decided to make it that way.

The changes of my blogs theme is somewhat symbolic for me. It's quite a long time since I posted again in this blog, so it symbolizes of my come back and I want to have a great changes in my whole site- specifically the layout, themes, skin and etc.

This is the picture of my previous site's skin:

Since I'm not a website artist/ website developer who knows all the "html" codes I rather need a helping hand who will help me finish all this.If you have that "kind heart" and you want to help renovating my site then you are very much welcome. I'll be glad and as a sign of gratitude, I'll gonna put your sites link in my sidebar.

Thanks in advance. God bless.


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