Friday, August 30, 2013

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Movie Versus Series)

 I know this movie is quite an "oldie" but I will still have to make my personal review about this movie- since I'm a very big fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender series.
First I would like to tackle about the positive side of the movie. It is a fictional movie that shows different super powers- air, water, earth and fire. Every character has the specific bending power. That bending power can manipulate a specific element. The air nomads, these are people that has the power to bend or to manipulate the air or wind; the water tribes are those who can bend the water; the earth benders or the earth kingdom has the power to elevate earth and use bending powers using earth, the fire nation who out ruled the other three using fire bending. And lastly, there is this called the avatar that can bend or do all four elements. The avatar is the most powerful in all benders.

In the movie, I love the animation. I first saw Avatar: The Last Airbender as an animated series and I fell in love in the characters as they use their bending powers to defend their territories and their people. Watching it in an animated series (cartoon) is fun. I really enjoyed watching it especially when they use their super powers. They use different kinds of Asian martial arts in the series and the movie achieved what I expected. The characters use different martial arts and there different bending powers came into living. This time it’s no longer cartoon or animated.

The negative side about the movie is that the actors didn’t show the “character” of the characters. I can always compare and contrast the series and the movie. In the series, avatar Aang has a bubbly and jolly character (which is loved by the audience) while in the movie Aang is more serious and determined boy, same as with Sakka, Kitara and Zoku- they are really a different person. In the series I fell in love with Zoku as he said this famous line “I want my honour back”. My heart felt with excitement as I wait for the actor to say that famous line in the movie, but I was disappointed. The Slumdog Millionaire actor Dev Patel, didn’t achieve to captivate my heart. The last thing I didn’t like about the movie is that the actors and actresses in the movie were purely American while the story and the concept of the series is purely Asian. I don’t want to tackle about racism, but there are many good actors and actress in whole Asia who can portray the role. They deserved to be in that scene.

For me, I still love to watch the next movie sequel, but I think there are no more sequels in that movie due to negative reviews. The movie was released last July 2012 but until now I haven’t heard about the sequel. So the movie was left unfinished. I salute to the animated series for a job well done. I had finished watching the three seasons and I am very satisfied. But Still, you watch the movie it’s great.
Have a great day everyone. Enjoy your weekend. God bless.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Watchout for my New Blog Launch

Yes, I got a new website. I am so excited to launch my new website here. Some people feel having two or three website is kinda tiring. But for me it's fun. There are new unique ideas that are coming in- how you're gonna design it, the themes, layout and most specially the posts or insights.
Finding a blog name is also fun and brings you excitement. Make sure your blog name is appropriate, short and easy to remember.

I admit it is a great job to do. You have to start all over again- from the very top (linkbuilding, exlinks, populating contents and etc.)
This time I'll be smarter in managing my blog. This time I'll focus on the contents rather than linkbuilding. Linkbuilding is helpful in many websites and blogs but good content is much appreciated.

Any "pro" blogger is very welcome here. I'll be very happy and pleased if you leave your bright insights and comments here to improve my site.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Trip to Reyes HairCutters

They say when women are :brokenhearted" they usually go to the salon for a haircut. They usually have this long silky hair and they end up cutting almost a half of its length. There is no scientific explanation for this, they just want a change- it's all in the mind. I think they want a symbolic representation of their heart- tearing apart. Hahahha...
I don't know what's the exact reason for this, but in my part I just want to have a great change on how I look. I never had this kind of length of hair before. I used to have a long hair and I have this mentality that having a short hair doesn't look good on me. But today, I got the courage to take that risk- no matter what the outcome. Today I got the courageous act to do it. Then I did it they cut my hair into "almost" half of its length.
My older sister cut her precious hair too. I remember the old days when my mom cut her hair (just little length) she already cried. This time she endured looking at her hair all cut in large length.

Here, I got some of the snapshots from the the salon. Taken at Reyes Haircutters.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Gain Weight Tips, See How

Lately, I observed that I'm loosing weight. I don't have any appetite in eating. I don't eat a lot and that's my problem.
The disadvantage of loosing weight is I don't look good (I look like a child). The lack of eating habits causes me loose some energy and bones in my shoulder are already seen. I really look skinny now a days.

I research for home remedies to gain some weight. I listed some of the checklist here (these are all my opinions and let's see if it works):
1. Eat a lot but don't do it the wrong way (like eating junkfood, sweets and soda). Eat healthy food- vegetables, suffiecient calories and rich in vitamins food. And have the right perspective on weight gain.Provide sufficient diet to gain weight.
2. Take vitamins and food supplement. Taking vitamins can enhance your food appetite.
Right now I am taking up multivitamins, vitamin C and vitamin E.
3. Take some exercise.
4. Food trip. Experiment. Make some new recipes.
5. Have enough sleep. In my case I sleep at 1 a.m. and wakeup late. Have some enough sleep.

These are just my tips. If you have any suggestions you can comment in this post.
Have the right perspective and self-discipline. The end result depends upon your hard work and perseverance.

Have a great day and enjoy gaining weight.
God bless.

Monday, August 05, 2013

I Need Help for a New Site Layout, Anyone?

Those who usually visit my site had already observed the changes of my site's layout and theme. I actually want it to be as simple as possible. I got this quite peach-brown color for my layout. I want it to be whimsy green in color but since I cannot find the best one, well I just decided to make it that way.

The changes of my blogs theme is somewhat symbolic for me. It's quite a long time since I posted again in this blog, so it symbolizes of my come back and I want to have a great changes in my whole site- specifically the layout, themes, skin and etc.

This is the picture of my previous site's skin:

Since I'm not a website artist/ website developer who knows all the "html" codes I rather need a helping hand who will help me finish all this.If you have that "kind heart" and you want to help renovating my site then you are very much welcome. I'll be glad and as a sign of gratitude, I'll gonna put your sites link in my sidebar.

Thanks in advance. God bless.


Friday, August 02, 2013

How to Overcome Emotional Stress or Depression?

Have you gone through an emotional stress or many called  it "depression"? Well, probably, many have gone through this stage and I am one of them. By God's grace I have overcome it.

It is my opportunity to share to you how I've overcome it. But first, I would like to share to you the things that caused me depression.
The first reason that cause me depression is that, I lost my self-worth (self-pity). Second is discouragement and disappointment and the third one is that I felt "unloved". Maybe in your case, there are other reasons why you undergo depression. You know already your current situation, all I want to share here is how to overcome it.

The first thing I did is:
1. Stop thinking about it. But sometimes we cannot avoid it.(this method is quite impossible because the devil wants to lie a lot of things to you and they are whispering many lies to us).
2. Think about good things that God has given to us. Since one of the cause of depression is self-pity and disappointments, sometimes it is more magnified than God. (so it took me hard time to do it)
3. Seek people to talk to. In my case the fist person I've talked is not interested in my struggles so I just end up into a mess. But then, God sent someone whom who can feel my hurts and struggles. We talked about my situation and I was encouraged.
4. Pray! (Sometimes it's hard to pray when you hardened your heart to God). In my case, I could hardly seek God because of my rebellious heart but by the grace of God, He sent me someone whom who will pray for me. One of my churchmate prayed for me and I was released. The spirit of depression leave me.
5. Listen to an inspirational music! In my case I listen to Christian music. Feel the words and the message that is telling you. Then you will be relieved.
6. Read the Bible!
7. Talk to God. Repent of your sins and allow Jesus Christ to filled your heart again with joy, peace and let His love overflow in your whole being.
8. Lastly, go out and spend time encouraging people. Because in that way you will be encouraged!

Life is so beautiful. Be encouraged and don't allow depression to ruin your life and destiny. You are born with a great purpose. Just allow God to love you and allow Him to heal your scars. Always remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. -Psalm 139:14

God bless always.


Thursday, August 01, 2013

Inspirational Music: Steady My Heart by Kari Jobe

If you are in deep pain and you cannot help yourself, well today is the day you have to ask help from Someone who could help you steady your Heart. In times of great trouble and you almost give up, then it is time to trust our God in heaven whom you can run to. He is the perfect lover of your soul, healer of your scars and He will hold you in the palm of His Hand. Surely He can steady your heart.
Be blessed with this music. Take care! Happy Thursday :D


Home Remedies to Whiten Teeth: What Baking Soda can Do?

Do you have teeth color problem? I do have problems in my teeth. It is somewhat yellowish in color so I tried to search some top remedies on how to whiten it.
Have you heard about baking soda as a home remedies to whiten teeth. I've been reading different blogs about about it. I searched about "home remedies on how to whiten teeth" the top answers are brushing your teeth with baking soda and rubbing your teeth with banana peel. Since I tried different toothp
aste but it didn't work, so I am considering this one as a great idea.

The safest method is using banana peel but it is very costly since banana is quite expensive and you have to use this everyday. So, the last option is baking soda. I searched some brief explanation why it can whiten teeth.some site says..
"The chemical structure of baking soda also makes it a mild abrasive, and that's why it's so effective for removing surface stains from your teeth. Of course, other polishing agents that are sometimes used in oral care products, such as hydrated silica or dicalcium phosphate, can also help scrub away teeth stains. But baking soda crystals are unique in that they dissolve easily in water, which allows the baking soda to penetrate more deeply into the grooves of your teeth and hard-to-reach places in your mouth than some other abrasives can."

I hope that this is true because I want to try this one. Baking soda is truly affordable easy to use- I hope it is safe. Please leave your comment if you tried it already. Or give me links of your photos of "before and after effects of baking soda".


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