Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Redeeming Myself

They say, I was born with the paint brush in my hand. Maybe. But I think being an artist is made, not born.
For me, arts gave me back a piece of my self that was lost and I want to redeem it again.

Just like blogging... I also want to redeem my skills in writing. I gave up this site a year ago. I think my last post was in November 2012. I always renew the license "as I call it" in owning this blog from Google even if I don't have enough time  and honestly speaking I'm not earning in this blog anymore. But thank God, I didn't gave up. Maybe the very reason why I didn't give up is because I will showcase my artistic side again in this blog- painting and writing. Hopefully, this time... I will be reaching my dreams and no one could stop me.

Well, to have a good head start. Since it is my come back in blogging... I would allow my readers to feel free to explore my artworks. I've been working for this for months. I hope you will appreciate it.

Thanks and God bless.
These are all in acrylic in canvas.


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