Thursday, June 20, 2013

NBA Finals 2013: Spurs Vs. Heat (Avatars Edition)

Hey guys! Yes I know you are all hooked up in the NBA Finals 2013- Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs. Same here. I'm an avid fan of San Antonio Spurs. I love there star players Tony Parker and Tim Duncan- I just love there humility inside the court. Anyway, I am not going for a game review because I'm not that "technical" when it comes to basketball or any other sports. I just love to watch them.

I just want to share this photo I found in my Facebook. Sorry but I cannot locate the site's source, so if if you're the owner of this cute and artistic work, you cn pm me so I can give credits to you as an owner. Here! I just want to post this photo.
If you know the NBA Finals team star palyers and watched the NBA Finals, then probably you will appreciate this photo of Lebron James, James Wade, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and other players. checkit out and enjoy!

Go Team Spurs! Win or loose I still love your team :)


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