Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Before this year ends, I would like to say thank you to my co-bloggers and my daily blog visitors. Thank you for always visiting and reading my posts. I would also like to give credits to the blog subscribers who keep in touch to my posts. 
I am looking forward for more colorful and adventurous posts- I hope you'll stay subscribed to my every posts. This is my 5th year in blogging and I am very happy that I'm still alive and kickin'.

I thank God for every blessing that's overflowing. All of these things are from the Lord and I gave Him all the credits and thanks to Him. To God be the glory. I am very excited for 2014. I can already imagine great things that awaits in me  this year.

So, welcome 2014. Happy New Year to everyone and I am hoping to have a prosperous and blessed New Year to come. God bless you. 
Keep going everyone. God bless.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Te Amo- I Love You

Speaking of dancing, definitely I am not a good dancer. I am not graceful when it comes to dancing. But I was able to dance this Christmas dance presentation entitled "Te Amo". If you ask me the best dance I ever danced, probably, I'll say Spanish dance (this dance), We performed it, together with churchmate, during our "Christmas around the world" theme presentation. The title of the Christian song is "Te Amo" by Israel & New Breed. I love the song because it's jolly and the lyrics are more on Spanish language. 

For me this is one of my favorite dance I ever danced. It helps me show my graceful dancing. I couldn't find the video of this dance, but hopefully, I can post it here (I'm sure you'll enjoy watching it). This is a Spanish dance with colorful skirts, colorful fan and a banner. One thing I love about Spanish dance is that it is very colorful and it is very joyful.  

I thank God for the strength and I give back glory and honor to Him. I offered this talent and everything I do to Him. to God be the glory.
Keep going everyone.

Friday, December 27, 2013

What is the Beat of Your Drum?

I want to learn how to play the drums. Many want to learn the drum because they feel it sounds pretty cool, but learning to play the drums is more than that.
Drums have many purposes around the world and it’s symbolic to many cultures. Drums are mainly used in music, rituals, traditions, communications or even battle fields.

1. In cultural performances and rituals drums are mainly used. (Mainly China and Vietnam and other countries in Asia first used this instrument)
2. Drums are also used as communication. In early ages, over great distances, people used drums to communicate. It is used in Africa to communicate by imitating the tone language used in speaking.
3.It is also used for military troops and battles. In early age, even today, it is used to motivate troops in marching pace. It is also used in sports to conduct rhythm and simply used to motivate the players.
3.It is also used in worship. In the churches today- mainly Pentecostal churches- they usually uses drums in praise and worship. It has a great significance to them because it is like in the battle field- fighting the battles (in spiritual realm).

Whether it is an early age or in the 21st Century, drums played a significant role in the society.  And there are also many forms- it can be a single drum or a drum kit (with all other accessories like drum sticks, cymbals and etc. It is now improved to meet the demand of technology. Checkout the vic firth drum at musicians friend and see the different kinds of drum kits- a true product of technology.

The beat of the drum evolved as time passed by. In every beat of it has significance to the one who hold the drumsticks. The colorful origin and cultural uses of the drums made me more interested learning to play drum. I feel like… it will make a difference when I start hitting and beating the drums.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sunday School Gladkids Christmas Presentation

Finally, the Christmas presentation with the kids was very successful. I thank God for the strength even though I was so tired at that time.We had almost eight Sundays of practice for the presentation. I thank God because it turns out to be so well organized and well-rehearsed.

We had different type of presentations- first is narration (the nativity story), dance presentation with the angels and shepherds, and the ballet dance with the little kids and sing and dance all together.Unfortunately, I didn't have the video of there presentation but I'm glad I got their photos.

 the angels are waiting for the program to start

 the kids are very happy as they received their gifts

 cute little Mary and Joseph

 shepherds and wisemen are ready to dance

kids dance with the banner and ribbons

As the kids had their presentations, I can't spell my heart out. I feel very glad and happy. Truly teaching those kids are priceless. It can give you so much joy from within as they presented.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it. -Proverbs 22:6

Keep going everyone.
God bless.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Gift to a Drummer Friend

One of the coolest musical instruments to play for a guy is the drums. I think every guy really dreamed to learn how to play the drums. It is very attractive for the guy if he knows how to play the musical instruments especially the drums.

I got a friend and he knows and plays very well the drums. I don’t know, but there’s something really in drummer guys who plays humbly the musical instrument. That could easily attract to the women. In short, I got a crush to my friend who happens to be a drummer boy.

That friend of mine, I don’t know where he is right now and we don’t have a constant communication. If we could meet again, I’ll still admire this guy and still he deserves high quality drumsticks like zildjian dip drumsticks wood 5b as my Christmas present. I admire his skill and talent. I still value and I didn’t forget our friendship. Though, we didn’t end up as lovers but, I can still consider him as my good friend.
I hope that we’ll meet again and talk a lot. And to my music lover friend, I hope that he’ll still continue to pursue his passion for music.  And I wish him all the best.

How about you? What’s your gift for your special friend?

Keep going everyone. God bless. Enjoy your holiday. Merry Christmas everyone.

Merry Christmas Greetings!

May we always feel the wonderful blessings of Christmas and the warmth it gives. It's a great day celebrate God's goodness.

Merry Christmas everyone. May God showered you with such blessings. I hope that we'll not forget why we celebrate Christmas. It is the season of great joy- to celebrate the savior Christ who came to save us from all of our sins (for those who believe). I hope that we will always remember this great event throughout the days of our lives. The very essence of Christmas is that He came. The God of heaven and the universe came- for you and for me.
Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.
I would like to joyfully greet you a Merry Christmas.

Keep going and God bless.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Moving on and Start Rehabilitation: A Story After a Supertyphoon's Devastation

Two years ago, we were flooded and I think all our appliances and things were washed out by the flood. Our town was helpless and we don’t know where to ask help. There are many dead bodies around the place. We evacuated in other place and we don’t know where to find trucks to transport some of the ting we saved. We felt so helpless- it’s very painful disaster (we almost loss everything). Now, it’s the second anniversary of that tragic event. It’s very horrible to recall the devastation it made into our town. Good thing that the government did really their best to help us for rehabilitation projects and assistance.

First thing you should do in times of disaster or after disaster is to believe that there is hope and there are lots of people with a good heart who can help you. Do not be angry to the situation, instead, do something to lessen the trauma or destruction. Always secure aid kit. You have also to submit to the local or national government. As I recall these events, I felt pity and sad to the victims of the super typhoon Haiyan that was greatly devastated last month- this year. People are starving to death. No foods were to be found. No clean water. The national and local government are struggling to distribute due to lack of trailer trucks to transport the food and supplies. The local government are in need of flatbed trailers. Through big trailer trucks, you can get the the easiest and reliable way to transport many equipment and other relief goods for the victims. Honestly the aid and help you get from the government are really a big help to ease the feeling of loss.

Always remember, there’s always hope after the disaster. Always remember that God made a rainbow to remind us that there’s always a rainbow after the rain- the hope after the trials. Keep going everyone. God bless.

Movie Watch: Frozen 2013

Here's another wonderful experience with Disney movies. Once again, Disney didn't fail me and all the Disney movie fans- the movie has a great positive feedback. Well of course, I'm already expecting it since it's from the maker of "Tangled" and "Wreck it Ralph" that are also successful Disney movies.

When I watched the trailer "Frozen" first comes in my mind... Here's another prince and princess love story of Disney. But still, I look forward of the movie because I am huge fan of princess' who found their prince story. The story is full of lesson and exciting scenes. I love the music and the arrangement in the movie. The theme songs of the movie "Let it Go" and etc.

I love the theme of the movie. It has the theme about love- love for family, siblings and for a friend. Frozen is the title that speaks a lot about the movie. Elsa who's the princess who has a magical powers who can froze things. She has no control in her super magical power because fear takes over. For me I like Elsa, she's so much like me. I know, deep inside me, I am capable of many things, but when fear takes over me, I end up messed up or hide in my shell. While trying to hide from everyone, her heart slowly harden and frozen. I like her line when she said, "you can't marry a man you just met". She's perfectly right.

Anna is very outgoing and carefree. She's very brave and full of love. Though, she seems so playful and childish sometimes, but I admire her bravery when she tried to save her sister. She's a brave woman and I want to be like her.

You will surely fall in love with Kristoff. Everybody will fall in love in his gentleness. Being so caring will surely make a woman fall in love. Total opposite to prince Hans who posses a frozen heart and wicked- all he want is power and the kingdom. Olaf  is very annoying but he never failed to make me laugh. he's very funny- he always crack the ice in the movie.

After I watched the movie, Disney did make a difference this time, no more for "love at first sight" and "prince fall in love to princess" theme. I'm glad that Disney did an amazing job in portraying all the characters without loosing the right emotion of the characters. Two thumbs up for this movie. Congrats Disney for this another wonderful animated movie.

And no more magic kiss. Only an act of "true love". And Anna made it :) A love for her sister.

Please allow me to post my favorite music clips from he movie:

Keep going everyone God bless.

Printing and Graphic Designing: A Promising Business

Do you know that printing as a business is very interesting and promising? Everywhere, everything you see are products of printing business- from labels of the food you eat, beauty products, posters of your favorite clothing line, school projects and the t-shirts you wear every day.

I graduated as an art student taking up industrial education- and soon to be a high school teacher. I personally love to have this kind of business because this is the channel for me to enhance my artistic skill and embrace my passion in graphic designing. I really want to build- up a business in the future, but first we have to know what’s in today and do the head start.

It is very crucial and important to know your game plan. Almost all business rely on the latest technology, so you have buy wholesale printer and other latest technologies used in printing. If you have the right budget for your capital, then invest it for a best printers. I know how hard it is to manually print material like T-shirt using the basic tools. Technology, now days, are very helpful in many businesses. If you are passionate of what you’re doing and you know very well your game plan- for sure you will be a successful businessman.

If I start teaching, I want to start this business and encourage my students to do this type of business as well. Keep going everyone.

A Need for More Amplifiers for our Christmas Presentations

It's the great month of the year. This month is the busiest month for me. Everyone is very excited for our Christmas presentation. I do have a lot of things to do before that "big day" comes. Our presentation will be this coming December 22. I was assigned to do the decorations and prepare special numbers for the kids. I was busy doing the decorations and teaching the Sunday school kids different kinds of presentation. Everyone is cramming because the presentation is approaching.

 Every presentation had an allotted time to rehearse. In this situation, we really need to have many amplifiers like in the fender hot rod deluxe at music123 to accommodate everyone's presentations- especially in practicing singing. It is needed to amplify the sound of guitars and other musical instrument. It is also capable in connecting to the microphones and other musical instruments. It is also handy, so it's comfortable to bring it wherever you practice or perform.  

Well then, since we only have two rod deluxe at church, we have to maximize our time and manage it well in order to rehearse all the presentations. Enjoy your week, because mine would be very busy.
Amplifier for guitar would also be an awesome Christmas gift. I find this gift is suitable for my younger sister- since she's very fun of playing her acoustic guitar. This could create a big smile in her face. Hehehe. I hope I could buy it for her as a gift.

Keep going everyone. God bless.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Backdrop Making and Preparations

If there are things that I'm thankful of, it's my artistic skill. I really thank God for giving me such talent. It is very helpful to me and to the ministry I'm involved with. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful ideas that I can use in backdrop designing and making our Christmas decorations.

For this year's concept for our presentation, it is "Christmas around the world". It is celebrating Christmas in different ways according to the different cultures of the different countries.

What I made for the design id the Eiffel tower made up of popsicle sticks, snowman made up of paper mache, a statue of liberty made up of styro, cherry blossoms out of tree branches and Japanese paper and the classical Philippine's own nipa hut made up of newspaper.

I posted some snapshots to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Here's my output. Keep going. God bless.

With proper lighting, this would be a very awesome stage design. Glory to God.
Enjoy your holidays.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Gift Suggestion for Dad

How wonderful to know that Christmas time is the time of giving and sharing. I do really hope that every day would be a time of sharing and giving special gifts- not just material things. Anyway, giving material gifts has been a symbolic way for us share and give.

This Christmas, I would really love to share a gift for my loved ones. The rewarding part of giving is that you make that person or people happy. I am planning to start buying gifts for the whole family. Gifts for women are easy to find- fashionable dresses, beauty kit, bags and other accessories. It would be harder for me to find dad's gift- since he's the only male in the family and finding gift for men are really hard to find.

Actually there are manly gifts that surely fit for dad. It would be the exceptional saffire at musicians friend.

If there's a person I know who definitely love to receive audio accessories that would be dad. He loves to play music in the house. Actually, he loves to fix amplifiers and consistently seeking great accessories for great audio quality. By the use of firewire interface, it could really amplify good music.

I hope that I could, if not now, purchase any of these gadgets for a Christmas gift or a simple gift for dad. This gift would also fit to sound engineers and self-recording artist.
 I hope you find this post interesting. Merry Christmas and enjoy wrapping your gifts for your loved one.
God bless.

Friday, December 13, 2013

First Impression Lasts: How to Make Good Impressions in Your Business Letter?

It is the last month of the year and December almost ends. As an employee of the company, before the Christmas holiday, mostly they are bombarded with so many things to finish and to comply (I know how it feels). That means, it's time for making a year-end documentations and making catalogues, sending solicitations for the upcoming activity of projects and etc. These are all common scenarios in companies and organizations. Sending letter is the common problem- this is the hardest part especially if its business letter. And this also adds pressure to you- making good impressions. Letterhead Design is one of the factors to consider- this will give you great impression in your letters. Always remember your output represents you. So make sure you make the best of your letters.

Before your head burst, let me share you some tips on how to lessen your work. Always ask help or assistance- and it’s just a click away (checkout the link in this post). If you struggled making your logo, lay outing contact names and other information in your Letterhead Design, then ask somebody from the internet to help you out. This is to avoid hassle in the future, plus you made a good output.

May you all finish all the task at work before holidays. Merry Christmas everyone.
Keep going.

Make a Head start of Your Own Printing Business

Do you know that the majority of the successful and wealthy people are the ones involve in businesses. They are the one who are risk takers and innovative. Though, many employed personnel are successful in terms of profit, but those who own the business excels.

So, are you ready to plan for business? Honestly, I do really want to start a business. Since I love to draw, design and do graphic arts, the business that fits for me is printing business. I love designing shirts, invitation cards, posters, souvenirs and etc. I do love to have a business where I can express the artistic side of me.

If you have the same passion like me and you’re convinced that you have the ability to start your own business, then make a head start. Checkout print shop software- the software solutions built for printing industry or printing business. It’s not enough that we are knowledgeable and skilful for this business, but you should be open for upgrades and development of the technology. It is also important to know you game plan.

It’s New Year. Make a good start. Start building your business and start building your own dream.

3 Easy Steps on How to Overcome Fear of Singleness and Loneliness

Exchanging of vows and saying “I do” are more treasured when you both enjoyed your singlehood. Many considered singlehood as boring and full of loneliness- especially when you almost reach that age of 30 and  all your friends have boyfriend/ girlfriend and some were already married. And you started viewing single hood is a curse! I strongly disagree. My close friend and my spiritual adviser from the US shared this advises to me. (Since I’m still single, but not desperately looking for a mate. Hahaha)

1. Do as many of the things in your power that you want to do as a single person. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of things you can do- traveling, taking cooking classes, riding a bike around the lake every weekend, running every night, etc. ( That way when you’re married, you will be so ready. You will have explored those things of interest that may not fit with family life. You will be so ready to settle down.

2. Also, I think it's important to be around people...through your job, through your church, your friends, your family, activities, etc. You never know where you might meet the person God has in mind for you. Do not seek the person God has planned for you, the Lord will lead you two together.

3. If you haven’t found the right person, it is because God is either preparing you or that other special person. If you don't find them's because they (or you) has more work that the Lord wants you to do. Believe in God's perfect timing; believe he has a wonderful mate for you?

When that day comes, you will surely know you’re ready and you found the one… because your heart feels so happy and fulfilled. Don’t be in a hurry. Life is so beautiful to explore 30’s is not so old! Keep the faith.

If you're single and you feel like your ready to mingle, well then, checkout my other post related to this topic: From Single to Married: Are You Ready for the Change?
Keep going.

Perfect Home Renovation for 2014

2014 is fast approaching. Time runs so fast that I couldn't imagine that 17 days left and we'll bid goodbye to 2013 and we'll welcome 2014. This coming year, I will be more specific in my goals and dreams in life. I want to increase my earnings, support my family and fulfill my dreams to travel and renovate our house. It's been 2 years now since I go back to blogging and online job. In those years, I was striving to fulfill my dreams. I've been dreaming for a brighter future. This year, I will do my best to achieve that dream.

The first in my list of dreams is to support my family and renovate our house. I want to make our home a clean-well lighted place- a pleasant place to live in. Plus, there are many things in the house that are not in a proper place so I want to make sure that everything will be kept in place. Almost every part of the house are messy- from the terrace down to the kitchen. One of my project this 2014 is a lot of cabinet- where we can put our shoes, clothes, other appliances and kitchen utensils. My dream cabinets can be found at Check it out and start planning your desired designs and motif. So, better watch out next  year... I'll be posting all the updates and the fulfillment of these dreams.

In dreaming, we should be very specific and determined. And always keep the faith that God will answer all our prayers. He will answer those who diligently ask and believe in Him.

This is my dream kitchen. I'll strive harder to achieve this dream kitchen. Don't doubt, just believe.

 * I don't own this photo
Keep going everyone. Happy weekend.
Hello 2014!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bringing Back the Spirit of Christmas Carolling

When I was a kid, every Christmas we usually do Christmas carolling in the neighbourhood. Together with my siblings and cousins, we usually go outside in our neighborhood to sing Christmas carols– with all the musical instruments like tambourine, guitar, handmade drums and etc. Then, after singing a few songs the owner of the house will give us a penny or a Christmas present. As kids, we were all glad receiving a small amount of penny. Then we moved on to another house and sang the same songs and another penny was added to our coin bank. At the end of the carolling (when we were all tired) we divided the money or we saved it for our Christmas party. We love doing it. We did it for fun at the same time we were earning.That was a very enjoyable thing to do. That’s what I really miss every Christmas.

Now, we are not doing it anymore. We are already old enough and we feel shy to do it. And people now days don’t appreciate Christmas carolling. Carollers just did it for the sake of receiving money. They don’t make good of it- it lacks passion. I haven’t heard anymore awesome Christmas carols outside the streets or in neighborhood.

I hope I could bring back the spirit of carolling- were everyone is enjoying in singing hymns and songs of Christmas. I wish I could hear again the sound of the drums, guitar, tambourine and singing Christmas songs outside the house. At that time, I hope it would be unique where I could hear the sound of the banjo, flute, violin and sax. Well, I will be glad. If you wish to try my suggestions checkout the banjos for sale and start gathering all your unique musical instrument and make it alive again in the heart of people the spirit of “Christmas carolling”. If you haven’t tried singing Christmas carol at your neighborhhod, you better try it because it’s enjoyable and fulfilling.

Merry Christmas everyone. Keep going. God bless.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Lesson Learned from a Coffee Mug

If there is a certain thing that has a sentimental value to me, probably it would be a piece of coffee mug. Why I consider it valuable? Three years ago, we had a Christmas party at my grandmother’s house. It is our family’s tradition to have a Christmas party and exchange gift every Christmas- before Christmas Eve. A day before the party, we picked random names to know whom we will give our gifts.  We called the receiver of the gift as manita (female) or monito (male). After we picked a name, just for fun, we we’re shouting the gift we want to receive.- just to let that person who picked know what I want. That time, I was shouting “I beg you, please give me anything… a makeup or slipper, but please don’t give me a coffee mug”.

During the party, we had a great time playing parlour games. Before midnight, we exchanged gifts.  I was very excited to open my gift. I was surprised. Yes, inside the box is a piece of mug with a Disney princess design. That was an awkward moment and I don’t know how to react. My cousin was absent the time we picked names and shouted our request and sad thing is… I was her monita.  So, he doesn’t have any idea what I want to receive as a gift. Hahaha that was reallly funny. That was three years ago.

But you know what, this is the only gift that really lasted.Guess what, the mug became my everyday buddy- I use it almost everyday when I drink water, juice, coffee and etc. If ever I would be given the chance to ask for a gift I would love to request for a custom coffee mugs. Because I know that it is so useful to me. It was with me throughout the years. It is a witness of my happiness, sadness, loneliness and etc. When I'm down, I just drink coffee and I felt better.

That story simply taught me a lesson. Sometimes in life we don't usually get what we want. Instead, we get what we don't expect or desire. But when we start to learn to appreciate its value, we will know that "everything comes or happens for a reason". Time will reveal its value and purpose into our life. Through that, you will learn to treasure and appreciate it more.

Keep going everyone. God bless.


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