Saturday, December 24, 2011

Standing firm after the Typhoon

After the big disaster, we celebrated Christmas with a thankful heart. I thank Him for sparing our lives. After the big typhoon that hits our place, we can still stand in awe of Him... with a joyful heart we thank Him for another chance to live- a chance to live for the better, To live for Him and to do His will.

In everything we give thanks to the Lord for He is the giver of life. He gives and He takes away but I will praise the Lord forever. After what happened, I learned to let go of the material things and learn to focus to God.

God bless everyone. Keep going. 

Here's the picture after the typhoon in Iligan.

Bliss Hinaplanon Iligan City destructed by the typhoon "Sendong"

1 comment:

Elvirah said...

I am really touched by your words here. Ofcourse watever God gives us, he also has the right to take away the same from us. We just have to Praise God for everything. And i really appreciate your strong heart to take it courageously.


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