Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Treasured Memories with Her

It is a long week vacation. I really love holidays and resting. My work seems to be so tiring that I wish that I could spend the rest of my day resting. Many celebrated their Halloween- which we don't usually celebrate. The people around the world had their Halloween costumes and had their "trick or treat" every first week of November, but I do believe "All Souls Day" is the day when we reminisce our loved ones.

It's been three months already since the time my grandmother passed away because of cancer. I believe, as a believer of Jesus Christ, she is in good hands with the Lord now. At this very moment, we are left by her good memories in our hearts. All I wish is to compile all her photographs in a photo books so it will last until forever.LOL. Actually, her memories lingers in my mind and in my heart. If I have to compile all the good memories that we had with my grandmother, a thousand photo albums would not be enough- maybe billions of photo albums will do.

I consider my grandmother as one of the most admiring people I know who greatly influenced me. She's the perfect example of a humble woman. She's a woman with humility. She's a very strong woman. She fight the the good fight of faith. She fight her sickness until the end- without loosing her faith to God. I really admire her. As I look at all her photo albums, all I can see is her great smile and very lovely woman. She's a woman with tender heart. I value her so much. It would be very nice if I can put up all her photos in a photo book- a captured memories that will surely last.

Keep going everyone. God bless and enjoy life,

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