Friday, November 04, 2011

Clearing Up the Issues bout Reebok: Reebok Settlements

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It's been a while since I started managing my time. I was really busy working in school and started some of my classes early in the morning and end it late t night. That's how my life works everyday that I forgot to exercise and do some active lifestyle. You know what I mean- waking up early in the morning not to prepare for school but to do some workouts and exercise.

Oh, I love to have my own apparel shoes that I can use in doing some of these activities. I spotted a nice sneakers shoes and I wish to buy it but I hesitate about its quality. So, I browsed some of the known athletic shoes in the net and I found reebok- best known for its  athletic shoes and apparel. But there are some known controversies including some of their customers marketing and purchasing but they've already made some remedies regarding this issues.

Reebok customers, checkout this Reebok settlement today. This post also serves as class action settlement.  If you purchases certain rebook toning shoes and/ or apparel from December 5, 2008 through October 12, 2011, you may be eligible to receive payment from a class action settlement . The lawsuit alleges that Reebok violated certain state laws regarding the marketing and sale of toning shoes and apparel. Reebok denies all wrong doing. The court did not decide which side was right. Instead, the parties have decided to settle.

Here re the Eligible shoes:

Easy Tone, Run Tone, Jump Tone, Slim Tone, Easy Tone Flip, Train Tone and Simply Tone.

Here are the eligible apparel:

Easy Tone Capri, EasyTone Shorts, Easy tone Sleeveless Shirt, Easy Tone Pants, Easy Tone Long Bra Top and EasyTone Short Sleeve Top.

Customers who trusted Rebook, better not be afraid because EasyTone Settlement  and Reebok refunds re being made for their valued customers. Here checkout this Press Release. New Message. This assures as that we can shop safely online.

Keep going everyone and enjoy browsing, shopping and purchasing online. God bless. 

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