Thursday, October 06, 2011

Honoring Your Teacher: A Perfect Gift for Ma'am

Happy teacher's day. Yesterday is a memorable day for us. That was the day I first celebrated teacher's day. Everything turns out to be a beautiful day. We were treated like a princess. The students from different year level prepared a short and memorable program for the teachers. The program started and all the teachers' walk in the aisle with the red carpet and flower petals. Everything was perfect. The student had their presentations and presented their heartwarming messages. All the teachers received bunch of flowers- yeah, dozens and hundreds of flowers from the students.

That day is a truly a heart-warming events. This profession is really a calling. It is the only professions that touches ones life and impart knowledge and inspire others.Teaching is a higher calling- you can never tell when your influence stops. If I collect all the good thoughts and downfalls of the life of a teacher, you can that will surely represent as beads. It existed because it has purpose. Just like the beads, life has many colors. Bracelets and necklaces cannot be beautify and complete without the others. Whether it is black or colorful it gives a different side of beauty.

The bracelets and necklace made up of bead is the perfect gift for your teacher. It is colorful and symbolic. Plus, your complete dedications warms up the whole presentation. If I could have all the chances, I would love to give all my best, favorite and inspiring teachers with this kind of beautiful gifts. You can win somebody's heart through this beaded accessories.

Most of the time people used to disregard the beauty of the beads, but I I'l tell you , accessories and beaded tails can tickled the women's treasured memories.It is so amazing when you can see students giving you something that represents yourselves. Molded  and created Floral flowers can be a good form of business. Though it is not scented but its beauty shines and glows from within. So probably, in this kind of business, it will surely boom because everybody loves it.

Keep going everyone and God bless. Ccelebrate with me as I celebrate my exciting moments in teacher's day. Great memories are treasured and remembered forever- so grab this opportunity to thank your teacher and honor you teacher because they are worthy of your respect. Celebrate your teacher. Wrap this beautiful beads and make your teacher smile.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

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