Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Day to Me!

Today I turned 22. Hooo... I can't believe it that I am fully grown woman now. Sometimes, we cannot see the the years added into our age. I feel very young. It is like the same feeling I've felt before when I started to learn and know the world. It is really great and amazing. I thank God everyday for raising me as a one of her beautiful daughter- His beautiful creation.

I am also glad that God had perfectly make this day perfect. I think all my students in school greeted me. They also celebrated with me, make this day special, by practicing a choreographed dance, they sing  "Happy Birthday Song" a thousand times, surprised me with a gift and the most special one is that some of my third-year students prayed for me. They gave a birthday prayer. I can't forget those students who gave me a sincere prayer on my birthday. Are you asking me about my wishes? Well... I'll keep it as a secret between me and God.

Above all things, I thank my Lord ans Savior Jesus who gives me strength everyday. And for always giving me the reason to live in this earth. Once again... Happy Birthday to me.

God bless keep going everyone. 


simply pochi said...

belated happy birthday :)

simply pochi said...

belated happy birthday :)

Rose said...

Happy birthday!


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