Monday, October 31, 2011

Having a Hard Time Writing Essays? Ask for Help.

Hello friends how are you? I am glad that I have a three-day holiday, so I don't need to go to school and work. I am happy because I can stay all day long in our house and rest. But I only have a few hours of rest. I was busy working- writing an essay. Yeah I admit, I had a hard time making an essay. I spend almost an hour or more than an hour just to make one. Especially when the topic seems so hard, I always ask from a colleague or a friend. That's may be the reason that people used to ask some help from the custom essay writing service online. 

 Writing services and online essay help is very popular now a days when you can't think anymore because you are in a hurry to meet the deadline. You can find some help from the online resources through browsing. You can ask for a topic, enjoy help with AdvancedWriters, ask some suggestions, essay guidelines and anything you needed. So, if you have a problem regarding essays, writing articles, etc. You can ask some agents online to help you out write essays. I wish I could be good writer so that I can write great articles in a short span of time, but this time we can use these resources to help us in writing and spend the rest of our time resting.

 Keep going everyone. God bless. Happy writing!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reviving my Love for God

Wow, I am really amazed on what God has been doing in m life. During our four-day convention, we had a great time with the Lord. God reconcile and restore my first love to Him. He reminded me of the that I come to know His love- it is really amazing.

I also receive  a prophecy from one of the great pastors. God continually use them in confirmation in His prophecy and strengthen every Christians. I was a really amazed on how the God works in our inner being. He works in our Spiritual needs.

Keep going everyone. God bless you.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Day to Me!

Today I turned 22. Hooo... I can't believe it that I am fully grown woman now. Sometimes, we cannot see the the years added into our age. I feel very young. It is like the same feeling I've felt before when I started to learn and know the world. It is really great and amazing. I thank God everyday for raising me as a one of her beautiful daughter- His beautiful creation.

I am also glad that God had perfectly make this day perfect. I think all my students in school greeted me. They also celebrated with me, make this day special, by practicing a choreographed dance, they sing  "Happy Birthday Song" a thousand times, surprised me with a gift and the most special one is that some of my third-year students prayed for me. They gave a birthday prayer. I can't forget those students who gave me a sincere prayer on my birthday. Are you asking me about my wishes? Well... I'll keep it as a secret between me and God.

Above all things, I thank my Lord ans Savior Jesus who gives me strength everyday. And for always giving me the reason to live in this earth. Once again... Happy Birthday to me.

God bless keep going everyone. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Birthday is Coming!!!

Yay... my birthday is coming. I don't know if I will be sad or will be glad because the days are approaching. Well, it seems that it's been our tradition where the birthday celebrant should give a treat to his/ her friends because it is his birthday. Supposedly, that should be me who should be treated. 

Though it is a little bit burden in my part to raise money for expense for a little party. I believe that day, that I was born,  is the most precious. That should be celebrated. It is the time to celebrate the goodness of God. I Thank my God for giving me this life and I thank my Lord for giving me to my parents and to my friends. 

To my 22 years of existence in this world... I want to say thank you for the people who shared their lives to spend time with me and inspire me through out those precious years. I thank my God... Lord and Savior Jesus Christ- for giving me a second birth. 

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:17 

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Honoring Your Teacher: A Perfect Gift for Ma'am

Happy teacher's day. Yesterday is a memorable day for us. That was the day I first celebrated teacher's day. Everything turns out to be a beautiful day. We were treated like a princess. The students from different year level prepared a short and memorable program for the teachers. The program started and all the teachers' walk in the aisle with the red carpet and flower petals. Everything was perfect. The student had their presentations and presented their heartwarming messages. All the teachers received bunch of flowers- yeah, dozens and hundreds of flowers from the students.

That day is a truly a heart-warming events. This profession is really a calling. It is the only professions that touches ones life and impart knowledge and inspire others.Teaching is a higher calling- you can never tell when your influence stops. If I collect all the good thoughts and downfalls of the life of a teacher, you can that will surely represent as beads. It existed because it has purpose. Just like the beads, life has many colors. Bracelets and necklaces cannot be beautify and complete without the others. Whether it is black or colorful it gives a different side of beauty.

The bracelets and necklace made up of bead is the perfect gift for your teacher. It is colorful and symbolic. Plus, your complete dedications warms up the whole presentation. If I could have all the chances, I would love to give all my best, favorite and inspiring teachers with this kind of beautiful gifts. You can win somebody's heart through this beaded accessories.

Most of the time people used to disregard the beauty of the beads, but I I'l tell you , accessories and beaded tails can tickled the women's treasured memories.It is so amazing when you can see students giving you something that represents yourselves. Molded  and created Floral flowers can be a good form of business. Though it is not scented but its beauty shines and glows from within. So probably, in this kind of business, it will surely boom because everybody loves it.

Keep going everyone and God bless. Ccelebrate with me as I celebrate my exciting moments in teacher's day. Great memories are treasured and remembered forever- so grab this opportunity to thank your teacher and honor you teacher because they are worthy of your respect. Celebrate your teacher. Wrap this beautiful beads and make your teacher smile.

Keep going everyone and God bless.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sports and Fitness: An Online Store for Sports Gadgets and Garments

I just sited a new set of shoes online. Yeah. I've been browsing some beautiful sport shoes that I can use in my PE (Physical Education) class. I've been dreaming to have a good quality Sports shoes. Aside from quality it also adds up the looks. I love its design.

Image 1I also love to own Addidas sports shoes. Brand names really maters. My students used to checkout all the brands of my clothing, from head to foot and they always have their compliment about it. For me I don't really mind if I get compliment from them, but the only thing I love about getting a branded jeans, shoes, shirts and any types of clothing is that I can see its durability. It does not depreciate its value easily. It has high quality and presentable designs. 

So when you think of shopping online, with different kinds of brands, don't forget to stop by and shop online at Shopping in Australia.  Through shopping online, you can find Millions of Products from over 1000 Online Stores.

Shopping online is so convenient and easy. Shop now and save time... save your effort and at the same time you can save your money. 

Keep going everyone. Enjoy your week and God bless.  


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