Monday, September 12, 2011

You Understand Me the Most (From te Ces)

Hey friends are you in deep despair? Lonely? Empty? Well, checkout this post. I got this post from my church mate sistr Ces and I really feel it is worth sharing for. Be inspired with this notes and keep the fire burning...  and experience His great comfort. God loves you. 

You Understand Me the Most

The silence of the night is the witness
Of the confusing moments
When I could not figure things out
When the weight seems unbearable
When all that I see is hopelessness

Where I just lay it all open
Unmasked from the smiles
And set into brokenness
Down at Your nail-scarred feet
In Your arms of freedom
To You I surrender this battle

Every breath feels like it is Your comfort that embraces my weary soul
Every time I close my eyes, Your arms holds me closer than ever
When all I can do is cry and no more words can be spoken
More than I could understand myself, You understand me the most
And love me and say that it’s gonna be okay

I am not always strong as what they see.
Not able to handle all these distress.
And cannot face them on my own.
At the moment my heart feels crushed and heavy,
I know You are nearest to me.

You’ve allowed these afflictions
So that I’ll learn to wait
And that I will see Your Unfailing love.

Lamentations 3: 24
I say to myself.
“The Lord is my portion;
Therefore I will wait for him”.

 Lord, You understand me the most. . .
thank You So much!
I love You! 

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